Sheamus Set To Steal The Show

Two time WWE champion Sheamus has revealed his intentions to steal the show at tonight`s Wrestlemania 27. 

The Dublin native, real name Stephen Farrelly, will put his United States title on the line against Daniel Bryan, who he beat for the title two weeks ago. While the Wrestlemania card is loaded with iconic stars such as The Rock, Triple H and Undertaker, the 33 year old is brutally honest in his belief that he will step out of their shadows. 

“I want people walking away from Wrestlemania talking about our match,” said Sheamus, days before the biggest event in the wrestling calendar.

 “I’m representing Ireland again, I’m the champion of the United States of America and there are going to be some great matches, but I’m going to give everything I have to steal the show at Wrestlemania. I’m an Irishman who came up from a small little country, followed his dream and now I hold the title” he added.

This will be the Cabra man’s second appearance at the event, having lost to Triple H at last year’s showdown. He is fully aware of the tough match that lies ahead but is confident he can overcome Bryan. “He’s up against it. He’s got to beat me; I don’t have to beat him. There aren’t going to be too many happy people in the audience, but that’s okay,” said the man known as the Celtic Warrior.

The former Irish Whip Wrestling star is the future of the WWE but he is extremely happy with the progress he has made to date. “I’m going to my second Wrestlemania, and from there I just want to keep taking leaps and bounds until I become one of the greatest ever.  I can’t complain right now, I’m enjoying myself, the matches are great and I’m making a name for myself” said Sheamus, who admitted he loves to brag about been an Irishman holding the US Title.

Sheamus will be hoping to have the championship firmly around his waist by the time the WWE returns to Dublin, with an April 15th date pencilled in at the 02 arena for the Wrestlemania revenge tour.


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