Bomb Threat On Eve Of Queen Visit

Dissident Irish Republicans have put London on red alert after issuing a coded bomb alert for an un-named location within the English capital, one day before Queen Elizabeth the second is set to visit Irish shores.

Scotland Yard confirmed that they had received the call on Sunday evening and security in central London has been radically increased with citizens asked to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. No time was given during the call.

Roads were closed near Buckingham Palace this morning after an officer spotted “something suspicious” at 4.20am.

A suitcase, found near Trafalgar Square, was also destroyed in a controlled explosion.

The threat comes on the eve of the Queen’s historic visit to the Ireland, the first by a British Monarch since the country gained its independence in 1921.

With Dublin on lockdown for the royal visit and security costs of up to €30 million been muted, tensions are running high.Many feel the country simply cant afford this visit.While some people plan peaceful protests for this reason it is mainly the threat posed by the Republican`s that has everyone worried .The Gardai and Defence Forces are  also on high alert in Dublin, after numerous suspicious packages and devices have been found in the run up to the queen`s visit. 

British Home affairs correspondent Mark White gave his verdict on the threat.He said: “The use of a coded warning takes this alert well above the norm.

“Every day the police respond to security alerts which turn out to have been false alarms with good intent.

“But here is seems an individual or a group with specific knowledge of the dissident republican coded warning system has called to make a bomb threat.

“The police cannot afford to do anything but treat this with the utmost seriousness.”

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