Betrayal,Austerity and Pain-The Road to Ireland Losing It`s Freedom

Ninety five years ago a grave struggle ensued that ultimately resulted in Irish independence been finally achieved after 800 years of oppression at the hands of British forces. Now has the centenary anniversary of the Easter Rising in on the horizon, Irish independence and sovereignty has once again been taken away from the Irish people.

Successive Irish governments have continued to fail the people of what in essence was to be a democracy yet the power of the people of Ireland is limited as the scandalous greedy and ignorant politicians exist only to line their own pockets. Cronyism and corruption, two words you can associate with any Irish government in the past twenty years.

Ireland are staring into the abyss, with the situation getting worse than ever before. When Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan agreed to the bailout package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, they threw away everything Ireland had achieved in 1916, with the latter been posthumously credited as a great politician despite his many discrepancies . We are no longer a sovereign political or economic nation, we are now merely a puppet of the European Union. The very fact that we have become the joke of Europe will have turned the graves of many Irish heroes who fought for the freedom of this once great nation.

But now this week, the true extent of Irish misfortunes has been clearly revealed. Budget documents emerge in the German Parliament without any knowledge of our government or so they would have you believe. We are no longer and independent nation, our people have been continuously shafted for what has been described as the greater good. But here we stand knee deep in recession with seemingly no way out. Austerity is the order of the day as the government continues to cut until they can cut no more. There are no ends the Irish government will go to in order to satisfy the EU/IMF and already within their first year of office the coalition have broken many promises. Economic hardship is no longer a threat is a visible reality.

For every hero that ever bled for this nation reads a greedy politician. For every Michael Collins read Bertie Ahern. We are no longer a proud democratic nation, we are now bound to the restraints set by the EU and our government is not answerable to the people but to Merkel and Sarkozy.

The very elements needed to drag Ireland out of this mess have emigrated in search of new hope and opportunity on foreign soil. Many will never return having been betrayed by the cowards in Dàil Eireann and the wanker bankers who have crippled Ireland.

Democracy and Independence no longer exist. Eight hundred years of fighting oppression to achieve freedom has been banished to the history books and now our sovereignty is gone and gone forever.

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