Enlightenment On A Light Tail

Two months ago, I was on O’Connell Street when I happened to see a display case and pondered over its content.

Inside the display case positioned metres north of the Spire of Dublin, there was this artefact selected by artist Sean Lynch that evokes a variety of the city’s artistic and social histories. This presentation consisted of a fragment of a tail light from a BMW car, found in a scrapyard in Clondalkin, west Dublin, earlier this year.

At first, I was puzzled then annoyed: “How is this Art with a big A?” I thought.

Then a month ago I was looking for an art exhibition to cover in the Dublin Informer and I came across this BMW 3 Series exhibition again. Yet it had little detail.

This exhibition seemed to me as enlightening as the object itself (as useful as a tail light

without a car) so I did some research. The artist’s website provided a little more information.

This piece was the remaining of a scrapped car, not any car, a BMW formerly belonging to disgraced banker Seán Fitzpatrick. Yes. Okay. And the plan was not to sell the car itself, but to sell the right to press the button to crush it, like he crushed the Anglo [Irish Bank].

Again I get it. But what was the Artist’s exact message on this? Did he agree with the idea? Disagree? And why did he choose a tail light? Why not the BMW insignia? Was it to show that the good times are gone and all you can see now are the rear lights of the getaway car that the thieves used?

To me, it seemed quite wrong to assume people will get the message as the message is far from being clear. But maybe that’s just me.

Give us your opinions. What do you expect of Art? How would you interpret this display with just the below information on it : BMW 3 Series, Registration 92D38478, Tail light (section)?

BMW 3 Series’ Sean Lynch is a Public artwork, commissioned by Dublin City Council.

This artefact is visible on O’Connell Street, Dublin from 4 September til 31 December 2011.

By L.A. Speedwing 



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