The Art of Cinema

So we have all been there, its Sunday night and the best way to round off a great weekend is with a great film enjoyed at your local cinema, right? Well maybe. You take your seat, after paying a hefty ticket price to find a fellow cinema goer enjoying a feet up experience at the back of your head. Catching glimpses of a pair of size 10 crusty trainers with your peripheral vision for two hours, or maybe just experiencing a new age massage which involves them kicking the back of your chair haphazardly throughout the film. You turn around to politely ask them to stop and settle back in to relax only to find the person in front has taken out their phone and is“covertly” trying to text, the only problem with this is that their screen is so bright they may aswell have brought a torch to the cinema.  People start talking, people start munching, people start to get bored not to mention the twenty minutes of ads you have to endure before the film and all of a sudden your relaxing trip to the movies has turned into a two hour distraction nightmare that you paid for.

Has the art of cinema died?  Well apparently not in Ireland. We hold the most cinema admissions per capita compared to anywhere else in Europe.  A massive 4.3, compared to the European average of  1.96. Maybe its in direct relation to our ever changing weather, where any given day rain can be on the cards. But maybe it’s something different. Take aside all the above mentioned problems that can come with sitting in a room full of strangers for a films duration and look at the pleasure cinema can bring.  There have been numerous studies about the cinematic experience, from the darkened room to the massive screens.  It gives a viewer full emersion into a different world, a different story, a different relationship. Having the lights off can make a massive impact. Like being wrapped in a cocoon, a viewer soon forgets about the outside world and of themselves with a flick of a switch. Also take the screens, it fully envelops your eye sight. A truly beautiful film is awakened on a big screen, its how they were meant to be shown.

So maybe next time, turn off the phone, no feet on the furniture and try to not talk.  Switch your mind off and let the film do what its meant to.  Give the people who slaved away at their jobs for months and sometimes even years a chance for their film to be seen the way they wanted it to.  On a big screen.

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