Young Designer Camp in Dublin1 – 9th – 13th July.

THE MALTHOUSE DESIGN CENTRE is offering a chance for kids to shine.

They have organized a Young Designer Camp which sounds like a brilliant idea.

It’s a 5 day camp and this camp will give kids the opportunity to work alongside 3 Malthouse resident designers. (Aislinn Lynch,  Fiona Snow or Kathryn Payne)

Bright young minds will work on a daily design brief allowing them to take their own designs home at the end of the day. They will be exploring new emerging materials, work on lighting pieces, learn about designing an entire space, learn about making felt pieces, and even learning about the machinery used by some designers.

The camp is designed for kids 6- 12 years, from 10am – 1pm and is €120.

Who says kids should not be distracted by bright lights? Certainly not the Malthouse Design Team who’s hoping kids will leave this experience with a glow.

To make a booking, please phone us at +353 1 855 8070.

Where: The Malthouse Design Centre,Distillery Court, 537 Nth Circular Rd, Dublin1.

When: 9th – 13th July.

Who: MTC –

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