Georgian Escape in South Belfast

Set in the heart of Barnett Demesne in South Belfast, sits Malone House, a late Georgian mansion built in the 1820’s by a prominent Belfast merchant. Malone House was leased to the National trust in the early 1970’s and was almost totally destroyed by fire in 1976 but was rebuilt and re-opened to the public in June 1983.

Since then Malone House has been used to host a wide range of events from wedding receptions, conferences, exhibitions and social functions. Open everyday, this area of natural beauty and tranquility brings it’s own uniqueness to South Belfast with a range of activities to suit everyone’s needs such as canoeing and kayaking. As you walk around the estate and take in the breathtaking landscape and beauty, why not hold your special day in the heart of it all. With a number of impeccably furnished function rooms to suit the needs of anyone.

Take a stroll around the acres of luscious green gardens, blooming with hidden meadows and interesting species of flowers. Enjoy a picnic with friends or family or even take a jog around the parkland and set your mind at ease.

Malone House and Barnett Demesne are home to some of the finest pieces of public art, many of which have been funded by Belfast City Council, from the Oak Throne by Ned Jackson Smyth to the Frog on a Log by Niall Timmins. These sculptures seem to blend into the landscape like they were always supposed to be there. For the more adventurous art enthusiasts, step inside the Georgian haven and experience the Higgins Gallery where you can browse humble creations by local artists. The gallery hosts monthly exhibitions, including work from art societies and associations, as well as solo artists.

As you step into the manor, if feels as if you are stepping back through time, with an array of Georgian style décor and historical artifacts. If a quiet afternoon lunch is on the agenda, then why not visit the Barnett Restaurant, with their delicious menu and smells, that tantalize the taste buds and view the landscape from the grand Georgian style windows.

Malone House has something for everyone and is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon, strolling around the gardens, having lunch or having a sneak peak at the Georgian Manor. Take a look at their website, and plan a trip soon.


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