Cyber Bullying Forces Tragic 13 Year Old To Take Her Own Life

A 13 year old girl found dead at her home had told those who were bullying her online that she would take her own life if the abuse was prolonged.

The body of Erin Gallagher was found by relatives at her home in Donegal on Saturday night. Only 24 hours earlier, she had warned both her tormentors and friends that she would take her life.

Gardaì have begun an investigation into the tragic schoolgirl’s death.

Erin’s death comes just six weeks after Leitrim native Ciara Pugsley (15) took her own life after being abused with hate messages on the social networking site.

Ballybofey native Erin had also been using the site, where messages can be posted anonymously.

In a post on Friday, the day before she died, she responded to a comment which appears to refer to her being the victim of a physical attack.

“Do u think ur funny bulling me over yeah u prob think it was funny when a f**in put a rope round my neck cause of yous, yous are that sad!

“Leave it now u had ur f**in fun get over it! My hair wasnt all over the ground trust me plus stop going round saying a got a bald patch I had or have no bald patch!”

24 hours later the second year pupil took her life.

Erin’s elder sister, Shannon, left a heart-breaking message on a Facebook tribute page saying: “No one deserved what you went through.”

“I love you darling. It’s so hard to say you’re gone. Everyone’s heartbroken. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister. You were a stunning girl. No one deserved what you went through.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t prevent it. Love you with all my heart.”


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