They Gave You What? Best & Worst Christmas Presents Revealed

Christmas PresentsBest presents

Andrew Hayden (37) Thomastown, Kilkenny

A three week holiday to the Caribbean courtesy of my loving wife who really put me to shame that year!

Heidi Andreasen (24) Stavanger,Norway

An inter-railing ticket, last thing I expected. We got to go to so many countries it was great.

Laura McDonnell (19) Fermoy, Cork

My first ever car which came all wrapped up.

Rebecca O’Donovan (21) Athlone, Westmeath

My boyfriend brought me to Paris for our first Christmas that was extra special and really unexpected.

Conor O’Shaughnessy (29) Athy, Kildare

When I was younger I got flying lessons which I enjoyed so much I went on to forge a career as a pilot. I’m very greatful to my parents for introducing me to the world of aviation.

Mladen Borovitch (33) Wroclaw, Poland

I got a lovely engraved watch from my wife a few years back, I wasn’t a fan of watches before but this was really special.

Julie Arronisimo (22) Detroit, USA

An engagement ring, made last Christmas extra special.

Liam McGonigle (22) Fermanagh

A season ticket for Celtic.

Aisling Curtis (36) Stradbally, Laois

When we were younger my mother and father bought me and my sister a horse each and riding lessons. We had endless hours of fun. We could never have expected the horses as we weren’t exactly animal lovers but it’s amazing how things change.

Worst presents

Eleanor Murphy (23) Ballincollig, Cork

A pet dog, I hate dogs. I tried to come to terms with having it around but it wasn’t happening. Made a great present for my niece’s birthday though.

Maarten De Vrij (19) Charleroi, Belgium

Tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. Sold them instantly.

Barry Brennan (26) Navan, Meath

The endless aftershave sets become a bit boring after the first ten years.

Paul Comerford (19) Killybegs, Donegal

Socks, socks, bloody socks. Granny never fails!

Lisa Lawless (22) Adare,Limerick

Tickets to go and  see Jedward. Boyfriends, who would have them!

Billy Muirhouse (59) Edinburgh, Scotland

I really wanted a guitar one Christmas and instead of a guitar I received some sort of mini second hand banjo, safe to say I was the laughing stock of guitar tuition class.

Klaus Vermeier (27) Hannover, Germany

A season ticket for a football team I absolutely despise!

Annalise McGrory (32) Melbourne, Australia

Anything that’s predictable like DVDs, clothes and useless stuff that people know you have no use for but still buy it anyway.

Neil Nolan (24) Drogheda, Louth

Clothes. I just don’t see clothes as a Christmas present and I’m fed up with getting socks, slippers and dressing gowns.

Rachel Wyse (27) Tullow, Carlow

I really really wanted a car to get me around but sadly my boyfriend got sold a clapped out banger that lasted about a month before we encountered huge problems. Won’t let him buy me a car ever again.

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