News in Brief- Paisley Jnr Shot Down Over Racist Jibe As Pyjama Girls Among Celebration Of Iconic Dublin

pjsAt least January is over – only eleven months till Christmas – and with the months end comes the promise of Spring. Better weather, green on the trees and no chance of a pay rise this year for 10% of Irish retail staff. More than 17% surveyed also expect to cut bonuses and overtime as they struggle to meet the costs of overheads and a decrease in consumer demand.

It’s not all bad news, there could soon be some new jobs on the island. There was talk last week of Ireland harnessing it’s wind power generated by turbines in the midlands to provide the UK with energy. Ironically this week one of the UK’s own, already erected turbines, has collapsed – due to wind. An investigation into the root-cause of the collapse has been launched, though a local councillor has blamed the incident on the floor bolts not being able to withstand the moderate 50mph winds.

Liam Neeson has been granted the freedom of his home town of Ballymena but the Hollywood actor wasn’t the only one celebrating. In an interview with the BBC Ian Paisley Junior outlined his plans for that evening: “I’m getting a chinky” he was recorded saying in a shocking example of using your mouth independent of your brain. But then it’s not the first time a Paisley has said something offensive.

In Kerry the former World Bodhrán Championships chairman has been handed a two week prison sentence for fraud. Dan Cronin, 23, has been given the sentence after writing fraudulent cheques for €12,000, despite being given a glowing appraisal by his former committee for his work in the local community. It was reported he left Cahersiveen courthouse with a large hold-all packed for prison, News in Brief can hear the EastEnders theme tune accompanying his slow walk to the cells.

Punchestown racecourse could soon be out of bounds for dog walkers as management have criticised people that allow their dogs to run free and soil, well, the soil. Race manager Richard Galway criticised those who allow their dogs to use the ground as an open air toilet (to which News in Brief asks what other kind of toilets dogs use?) and pointed out walkers are not permitted on the site on race days in case you miss the thundering approach of hooves as you bend to scoop up some poop.

To launch Dublin’s 12 free WiFi hotspots across the city English artist Craig Robinson has designed ceramic icons in celebration of the fair city and to denote where you can check your gmail. Included are: Molly Malone; Phil Lynott; a tourist; a street cleaner; lads of both Rugby and GAA; Oscar Wilde and Pyjama Girl. But Robinson seems to have forgotten two very special blonde be-quiffed boys.

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