This is 40

This Is 40

Five years after the lukewarm comedy Knocked Up writer/director Judd Apatow latest offering, This is 40, looks at marriage from a different angle.

This time around we get to know Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann) a little more. While both are on the brink of turning 40 they both approach the big day in their own unique fashion. Debbie is struggling with her age and is living in complete denial, and Pete is trying to recapture his success getting deeper and deeper into debt along the way. This self-delusional couple have two girls who seem to only play a minor role in their every day life as the couple drive each other nuts.

This is 40 is yet another comedy that relies on laughs through cheap jokes, mostly about blow-jobs, and silly adolescent humour that just isn’t very funny. Apatow’s plot isn’t very original and lacks depth, and while he does have good intentions the film is flat. Even loveable Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann can’t save the storyline and more often than not the age of the main characters and the childish humour don’t sit quite right.

For most (male) viewers the highlights of the film will be when sexy Megan Fox as shop worker Desi steals the limelight with her ample cleavage, curves and minimal clothing. And even the normally quite funny Jason Segel as Debbie’s personal trainer is just a paler, less funny version of Marshall from How I met you Mother. Man of the moment Chris O’Dowd gives his usual goofy performance as Ronnie, so no surprises or intrigue there either.

Overall This is 40 never reaches boiling point and stays at a pleasant but boring tepid temperature.

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