Harte Disgusted At Trapattoni “Killing Irish Football”

harteThe man who Giovanni Trapattoni doesn’t even know is Irish has once again emerged from the international shadows to launch a furious tirade at the Italian who he claims is a ‘Joke’, ‘disgrace’, and is single handily ‘killing Irish football’.

Fresh from lambasting the Italian at the start of the month Ian Harte has shown he is still very much in the anti-Trap camp based on his Irish Independent interview today.

Harte took to Twitter to call Giovanni Trapattoni a clown over his omission from the squad for the recent friendly victory over Poland stating that the Irish manager wasn’t even aware he was eligible to play for the boys in green despite his vast experience in the green shirt.

The 63 times capped star who was voted best left back in the Championship last year opened up about his infamous tweet

“I tweeted what I did out of frustration. I’m not for one minute saying that I should be in the team. I just think that with my experience, what I’ve done in my career, and where I’m playing at the moment – in the Premier League, against the best footballers in the world – then I should be given a chance. That’s all I’ve wanted – a chance.”

As for Trap’s management style, the former Leeds man is not impressed despite the status the former Juventus and Bayern Munich manager is held in.

“I’m a passionate Irishman and I just think its killing Irish football at the moment. He’s stuck in his ways, and he seems to have his favourite XI and if they’re fit, they will play, no matter how they are doing at their clubs. The other lads that are doing well for their clubs? What do they have to do to get the opportunity?

“It’s not only me. Alex Pearce is playing Premier League football (with Reading) and the manager decides to go and pick someone like Darren O’Dea, who is playing in the American league.

“Something has happened with Shane Long; he should have started in the Euros. He’s been unbelievable for West Brom and he’s hardly been given a sniff. Playing Simon Cox on the wing? What’s he doing playing a striker on the wing? There have been problems with other players too.”

With the ongoing row between Reading teammate Stephen Kelly and the Irish manager showing no signs of abating Harte was quick to nail his support to the mast.

“It’s a joke,” he says. “I’ve seen Stephen Kelly’s phone, pretty much every one of the Reading lads have seen it, and we’re thinking: ‘What’s going on’? If the press were to see the full text, that would be the end of Trap. That would be the end of Giovanni Trapattoni.”

Harte didn’t  reveal the exact wording of the text message but he does say that Trap told Kelly that a youngster would get a run in his place for the Poland game. In the end, Paul McShane, neither a youth or a new face, did and the row alleging Kelly did not want to play for Ireland blew up too with both sides levelling blows at each other.

As for the future, Harte sums up the mood among Irish fans pretty well and insists the Italian’s time was up many months ago although we may not see the end of him anytime soon as a big payday is simply beyond our riches.

“He should have gone after Euro 2012 and given someone else a chance, but then I don’t know if it would have cost too much money to pay him off. I just think people need to start standing up to this. It’s a disgrace what’s happening.”

It seems too late for Harte to return to the Irish national set up but should Reading manager Brian McDermott replace Trap, something which is a real possibility when the Italian steps aside then Kelly may well see his international career resurrected.


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