Having A Cracking Time: The Big Egg Hunt 2013

Egg Hunt jpegOn strolling into Dundrum Shopping Centre on Wednesday morning, I noticed something slightly amiss with the local scenery. Three large beautifully painted Easter eggs had taken up residence on plinths by the Mill Pond. This, I felt called for further (and immediate) investigation, for where there is an Easter egg, then surely chocolate would not be far away…

After closer enquiry, I discovered that the eggs were part of a seasonal charity initiative to raise money for The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation: The Big Egg Hunt 2013. My hunch about the chocolate was right, as Lily O’Brien’s chocolate company is the headline sponsor for the event. The company is offering tasty chocolate related prizes for successful Easter egg hunters. All you need to do is to find twenty out of a possible hundred eggs that are dotted around Dublin and fill in the form in the Big Egg Hunt brochure. You have until March 15th to enter the competition. The eggs will be on display until March 23rd after which they will be sold at auction and online to raise funds for Jack and Jill.   

But these are not just any old giant Easter eggs (perish the thought), each one having been individually designed and decorated. Some of the egg painters are indeed artists, such as Robert Ballagh, Guggi and Graham Knuttel, but many other well-known figures have painted an egg for the fundraiser. In the ‘eggslent’ illustrated Egg Hunt guide, I spotted Joe Duffy, The Strypes, Rick O’Shea and Kevin Dundon. Fashion designers such as John Rocha, Louise Kennedy and Lainey Keogh have all also contributed artwork. There is wonderful creativity on show.

I decided that egg hunting would be a brilliant activity with which to entertain family visitors, so maps in hand, we sallied forth. The egg map is divided into five zones to make hunting easier. You could work your way down from Zone 3 (Swords and Malahide) down to Zone 5 (Marley Park and Dundrum). We decided to stick to Zone 1 (Dublin city centre) since there seemed to be quite a few eggs scattered around in various locations. It seemed obvious to begin in St Stephen’s Green and then to move on to the shopping centre. We successfully located all eight eggs hidden in the park but came slightly unstuck in the shopping centre as we failed to find the last one.

We had great fun trying to find the eggs and managed to find the twenty needed to enter the competition. It would be difficult to select a favourite design, but ‘Viking’ in the Powerscourt Townhouse and ‘Double Yolk’ in Bewley’s front window are definite frontrunners. There are so many fabulous creations on show: funny, beautiful, thoughtful and exuberant that it would be a pity to miss the chance to see them. I was pleased to notice that we were not the only egg hunters around; we spotted several other people ticking off eggs on their maps. As we toured Brown Thomas looking for eggs (six), I did pause to wonder what the shop staff thought of all of the vaguely eccentric activity going on around them. Perhaps it was as well not to ask, after all we didn’t stop to buy anything! 

If you want to join the ranks of the egg spotters check out The Big Egg Hunt.

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