More Than Meets The Eye

aisMy Tallafornia debut came about after Jay gave me a call asking me would I be interested in coming over to Santa Ponsa In Spain for a few days and I agreed. We were friends before the show so I was glad to know someone before I flew over. I featured briefly in the show last series so I knew what it was all about. I was also curious to learn more about the show as I am from Tallaght and knew Jay so I watched all of the last series.

I went into Tallafornia having achieved a lot in my life already. Viewers still don’t know a lot about me. I have an honours degree from Maynooth. I studied theology and history and also music for a year. I have a CELTA cert accredited by the University of Cambridge making me a fully qualified English language teacher. I am a lifeguard, swim coach, supervisor and sports camp co-ordinator during the summer and I also play the piano having done grades with the Royal Irish academy of music. So I went into Tallafornia wishing to achieve one thing. I would like to raise awareness for cyber bullying, and the destruction it causes to people’s lives. It affects one in four females and one in six males and that number is only increasing every year. If I could achieve anything from being on Tallafornia that would be it. I am fully aware that Tallafornia has many viewers, therefore if I raising awareness even helps just one person then I’ll feel I have achieved my goal.

From my episode last week people have seen me teach Nikita how to swim. Teaching and helping others is just something that comes naturally to me. I am strong minded and make my own judgements and am a person that likes to help and encourage others through positivity and that is what people can expect from me. I am a person that is well capable of standing up for myself, I’m laid back and like to have a laugh.

I hope that as the series progresses people will come to know me better and understand that there is more to me than just a swimming instructor, as many of the papers have pointed out.


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