Beyond The Mat – Interview With Wrestling Promoter Lee Cahalane

ccw cork city st fight

Irish News Review sat down with Celtic Championship Wrestlling promoter Lee Cahalane ahead of the upcoming  Paddy’s Day Massacre event in Cork to get the lowdown on the wrestling business. 

Why did you start CCW?

I started CCW to bring wrestling down to the South of the country. I have been a wrestling fan all my life and when I discovered the Irish Indy wrestling scene I was amazed with how talented the wrestlers were. I believe the fans of Cork deserve to see the same as the northern parts of the country.

Have you ever been involved with any wrestling promotions beforehand?

I promoted 2 shows for Irish Whip Wrestling a few years back in West Cork.

Best wrestler you have ever worked with and why?

Hmmm best wrestler! Tough to say our roster is full of exceptionally talented performers, couldn’t pick one over the other. All are very easy to work with.  

How long does it take to plan a show? Explain the process.

We’re always planning if I’m honest. Right up to the day of the show. I’m lucky that I have a great team of guys behind me with vast knowledge in their individual areas. I plan the video production with the video crew Darren Maloney and Steve Purcell, who are doing an amazing job. I personally arrange and book the venue/talent aswel as advertising and promotion work. I arrange meetings to discuss creative decisions with all members including Vinnie O Mahony & Blake Norton who possesses a wealth of knowledge and I am very happy to be working with. I could keep listing prep work all day long. But that should give you a rough idea.

What has been your favourite CCW match to date?

My favourite CCW match has to be The Casket Match at Hostile Halloween. The Irish Dragon and The Executioner went to hell and back in a hellacious encounter.

How do you consider the state of Irish Wrestling?

Irish wrestling couldn’t be any better. There is some great promotions in Ireland. The fans that fill out the O2 arena need to realize that they have something special in their back gardens. As good as it is to see John Cena do a half arsed match for you in the O2, Dunkan Disorderly and Vic Viper are pulling off stereo backflips off the top rope and Bonesaw is doing a summersault plancha to the outside. Proof of the pudding Joe Cabray being signed by WWE.

What can fans expect from the Paddy’s Day Massacre event?

Very simply expect the unexpected. We have a lot of surprises planned for this show. I think the fans will not be disappointed, in fact I’d go as far as saying they will be blown away.

Do you ever see CCW going nationwide?

Nationwide? Something to measure to certainly. For now we hope to continue to bring quality wrestling to the South and expand our fan reach. I’m sure there’s many a fan who would love to know about us.

Where do you see CCW in the future?

Hopefully we can claim a spot on national television to showcase our talents.

Celtic Championship Wrestling’s Paddy’s Day Massacre event takes place on Sunday March 17th at St Vincents GAA Club, Blarney Road, Cork City.

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