News in Brief- Corrupt Ming Wins Gold Cup

MINGThe property tax website doesn’t even warrant NIB’s derision. For feck’s sake lads. The government really backed a loser there. Incapable of hurdling over the minor issue that 50% of the website didn’t work. There’s been lots of winners this Cheltenham race week though, not just Willie Mullins.

Obviously we were all waiting with breath that was bated on Tuesday for Ming’s speech from the Dail on the possibility of An Garda Siochana and a council official removing points incurred by him for driving offences. Currently the law allows members of the Oireachtas to avoid driving penalties if on “official business” meaning Ming hasn’t technically done anything wrong other than be a complete hypocrite and winning the Gold Cup for being as corrupt as those he has previously accused. But sure he’s a politician.

Quite literally a chase for Waterford Crystal. If you wanted the genuine article, something glassy, where would you go? Slovenia is the un-obvious answer. Despite the “implied geographical implication” it seems Waterford Crystal, and parent Waterford Wedgewood owned by American company K.P.S. Capital Partners are seeking to move production outside of the southeast county. Next we’ll be importing spuds and the Japanese will be making our Guinness!

A homeless man who set fire to himself while in police custody in Cork has been fined for causing criminal damage to his cell. The 50-year old man had to pay a total of €400 for damages and being drunk in public.

A woman in Belfast looking to take out a loan from Marks and Spencer’s was refused when the company would not accept her Irish passport as a valid form of identification. The British retail giant was rather embarrassed when it was reported in the Sunday Life and offered the woman £150 and some flowers which she refused. This isn’t any ignorance, this is Marks and Spencer ignorance.

And in the final furlong a surprise sprint from 90’s pop princesses B*witched who are making a comeback! Hurrah! Dropped by their record label in 2002 the denim clad quartet are set to bewitch us again and are planning to release a new album.

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