CCW blows the roof off with St. Paddy’s Day Massacre


Celtic Championship Wrestling returned to Cork with a bang on Sunday night. To kick off the show, we were introduced to the new CCW Commissioner, Luke Barry. Barry was quick to declare that he was here to “bring CCW to the next level.” He then revealed the first CCW Champion will be crowned, via an eight-man tournament, at Revolution on May 5th. Lone Wolf then came out and interrupted the new Commissioner, stating his case for being entered in the tournament. This led to the creation of the night’s main event, where Lone Wolf would have to fight Big Bad Hynesie in a street fight, which he had to win to get into the tournament.

The first match of the night saw Vic Viper taking on Bonesaw. Viper took huge amounts of stick from the crowd throughout, and he slowed down the contest several times by arguing with people in the crowd. Viper was on top for long periods, but in the end his focus was broken too often by the crowd and it cost him, allowing Bonesaw to pick up the win after a big body slam.

Next up was the Women’s match, with Kazza taking on Kasey Owens, in a grudge match that had been building since Hostile Halloween, and it showed as the match was fought at a frantic pace. Kazza was able to match Kasey’s brute strength with some great high-flying moves, but just as she was ready to finish Owens off, Vic Viper ran down to the ring and threw her off the top rope, allowing Kasey to pick up the win. Owens wasn’t finished there, throwing Siren out of the ring too. Viper and Owens then turned back to Kazza, only to see Lone Wolf rush to her aid, and they promptly threw Viper and Kasey out of the ring. The bad blood may linger between these two for some time yet.

Match three brought in tag-team action, as JC Williams teamed up with Fabulous Nicky to take on the Hot Shots. JC and Nicky did a good job isolating Flash early on, keeping him a long way from Blaze. They played the referee and took every advantage they could, wearing down Flash for as long as they could. The match turned on its head when Blaze finally got in, and he cleared the ring pretty quickly. It soon boiled down to him and JC. In the middle of this battle though, the referee was caught by a stray boot, leaving him quite groggy. Williams took advantage of this, with an extremely blatant low blow right in front of the ref. He managed to get the ref’s attention as he went for the pin though, and JC and Nicky walked out with the win.

After the interval, we had the clash of speed versus strength, as Bingo Ballance took on the Executioner. JC Williams made his way down to ringside, sitting at the commentary desk. Ballance showed great speed and technical ability throughout this one, but the size advantage was clearly helping the Executioner. He even went for a couple of top-rope moves himself, crashing down on top of Ballance. He tried to repeat the feat, but was met with a boot to the head, and it seems likely the Executioner will stay on the ground from now on. The match turned Bingo’s way after that, and he was pretty sure he had picked up the win, only for Williams to help Executioner’s foot on to the rope. Ballance had a few choice words for JC after that, but while he was distracted, the Executioner got back to his feet and was just waiting for Bingo to turn around. When he did, he was met with a huge slam to the mat from the Executioner, and a win for the man from Parts Unknown.

Finally, we had the main event that had been announced earlier, the Lone Wolf against Big Bad Hynesie in a street fight. The guys took the match rules to heart, with all sorts of weapons being used against each other. Hynesie got a good lashing from some foam fingers from the crowd while he was held by Lone Wolf, but he more than got his own back with the guitar he smashed across his opponent’s head. Even the announcer, Vinny O Mahony, got caught up in the carnage, getting a big shot to the head after the Lone Wolf missed Hynesie with a weapon outside the ring. The two then headed outside to see what damage they could inflict out there, with Hynesie leaving Wolf in a heap on the concrete, before the two made their way back inside. Back in the ring, Hynesie used an ironing board as a grater for Lone Wolf’s head. The Wolf got his own back by heading up top, and landing a diving headbutt from the top rope, bringing a near fall. The two struggled on until finally Lone Wolf got a hold of the sledgehammer and Hynesie was finished. The Lone Wolf picked up the win and earns his place in the tournament to decide who will become the first ever CCW Champion.

This was a great night of entertainment for all, with a very vocal crowd getting their money’s worth. It will be interesting to see what the new Commissioner made of all this, as he kept a close eye on proceedings. It certainly leaves us all waiting in anticipation for Revolution on May 5th, as we wonder who will become the first CCW Champion.

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