Carrie Underwood Electrifies the Olympia Theatre

1010-carrie-underwoodSix-time Grammy award winner Carrie Underwood brought her Blown Away tour to Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on Thursday 14th March. The concert marked the singer’s first time on these shores and it most certainly was a night to remember.

A now well-known figure in the country music industry, Underwood started her career as the winner of American Idol in 2005, beating out thousands of singers for the coveted prize and since then her career has soared to dizzying heights. Her four studio albums have all been immensely successful, reaching the number one spot on several charts. Selling more than 15 million album copies worldwide, Underwood is the epitome of a small-town girl making good. Furthermore, she had a guest role on the prominent sitcom How I Met Your Mother and also starred in the film Soul Surfer but it is on the stage where the girl from Oklahoma comes to life.

Underwood walked onto the stage at the Olympia Theatre to rapturous applause from the sold-out crowd. Opening with the energetic single, ‘Good Girl’, she automatically engaged with the lively crowd who were more than happy to sing along with every word. Following that with the likes of favourites such as ‘Undo It’ and ‘Wasted’ made it clear that the audience were in for a showcase of Underwood’s incredible vocal talent and stage presence. Her combination of self-assurance and note-perfect singing made Underwood one of the most captivating, best live singers around and her ability to hit high note after high note, song after song, is something to be admired.

While songs such as ‘Two Black Cadillacs’, ‘Last Name’, ‘Cowboy Casanova’, ‘Nobody Ever Told You’ and ‘All-American Girl’ represent the more musically driven songs in her repertoire and are undoubtedly crowd-pleasers, slower songs such as ‘I Told You So’, ‘Temporary Home’ and ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’ highlight her versatility as well as her ability to capture the attention, and the hearts, of a sold-out theatre with her voice.

Throughout the event, Underwood came across as extremely likable; a person who is genuinely gobsmacked by her success and appreciative of every opportunity that flows her way. She expressed early on her delight at playing a show in Dublin as she never thought she’d ever get the chance to come over this side of the world and that excitement was evident all the way through, especially when she engaged with the crowd. She seems to be a woman who loves what she does and loves sharing that with her fans.

‘Before He Cheats’ was easily the highlight of the show and it was received with ear-splitting screams from the electrified audience.  The sound of everyone singing together resonated around the room, embodying the brilliant atmosphere that encapsulated the theatre from the second she stepped foot on the stage. While waiting for her return, the building chanted her name, hungry for more from the country star. The gradual build-up of ‘I Know You Won’t’ into a resounding display of music and voice set the finale up perfectly and the hugely successful and popular hit, ‘Blown Away’, finished the night off in the best way possible.

Underwood’s performance was met with a standing ovation and a hope that she will return to these shores in the future and continue to entertain crowds with her music.  

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