Celtic Knights Issue 3 Leaves Heroes On Brink

 Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights is back for a third edition having garnered much interest among the Irish comic book faithful. Prepare to be dazzled once again by the artwork of Mike Kennedy.

The comic resumes in the third part of the four pronged The Best of What’s Left series.

Issue One began with a bang when Commanding Officer General Quentin Blake of the Mega Human Headquarters discovered that 90% of the world’s superhero population had been eliminated from the face of the earth by a villain known as The Broker.

The General quickly set about pulling together the remaining superheroes, a group of Irish misfits, who would become known as the Celtic Knights, in a bid to capture The Broker before he could do more damage.

Issue Two saw The Celtic Knights swing into action with Fire, Ice, Rapid, Junker and Co heading to the Petro Tech Plant to tackle the villains and try and retrieve a laptop which boasted key intelligence.

The superheroes faced a strenuous battle but emerged with  the laptop. The Celtic Knights returned to HQ with Junker critically injured and in need of an operation.

With their first mission successfully completed, The Celtic Knights head to Wales to combat evil face to face and attempt to secure a similar result

Back in Dublin, the life of Junker is hanging in the balance and General Blake is forced to tell General Crab to inject The Serum into the fallen superhero as his life may depend on it. Meanwhile The Celtic Knights are briefed that The Broker is planning a big auction to flood every major city with bargain guns.

The issue ends on a cliffhanger as a group of Irish superheroes known as The Celtic Tigers are found dead and The Celtic Knights prepare to avenge their deaths by readying for battle.

Issue 3 begins with breaking news from RTE that the life of Irish superhero Ring-Master is hanging in the balance. Blake immediately tells his troops to capture The Broker by any means necessary.

We’re told that 72 hours earlier a ship sailing on the Irish Sea was attacked by a villain known as Sea Queen and a monster accomplice whose name evades us.

RTE return with footage of Celtic Tiger superhero Banshee who falls to her death having been attacked by drones in the sky.

As The Celtic Knights disembark we enter the lab with Blake to hear how six mega humans with indestructible bodies have been killed with a virus specifically created by General Crab under his command.

The fear laden troops disembark from their aircraft and parachute towards the Welsh ground. They make their way towards a hideout  that intelligence pinpointed only to be trapped with a giant blade searing in their direction. A giant robot then appears as the team instantly set about overcoming their newfound nemesis.

The Broker emerges and after a brief spat with the superheroes he sends more of his robots into play. He reveals his plans to rule Britain and is kindly reminded Ireland is not a part of the Kingdom before a battle ensues.

We are brought back to superhero HQ to hear The Celtic Knights have been captured and Rapid is seriously injured much to the dismay of his mother who is given a secret serum in the lab and transformed into a superhero herself along with General Crab.

Will the new found superheroes be capable of saving their counterparts or is it too late for The Celtic Knights? Issue four will reveal all.

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