Dublin Digital Scene Fuelled By Pump Station Studios

The business scene throughout the globe is undergoing a period of rapid change, consider it a try or die era. The rise of the internet over the past decade has brought about new threats and opportunities.

While the internet has led to the death of a plethora of businesses and indeed some industries, it has created a new marketplace in which modern day businesses and consumers can operate with relative ease.

The power of the internet knows no boundaries but the power of a business becomes somewhat limited if it fails to incorporate a digital strategy.

Eager to get a deeper insight into the workings of a digital strategy we sat down with Jason Hassett, co-founder of Pump Station Studios, an innovative software company that specializes in the development of web and mobile applications.    

How important is a digital presence in today’s society?

It is of a huge importance in today’s society to have a fantastic digital strategy, no matter what the business or organisation. The reasons for this are quite simple, pretty much everyone is connected to the internet at all times, it is where we source nearly all of our information and more importantly thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, we have a more engaged response to content. This means that if you do not have a digital presence you are missing out on vital communication time with your customer base.

Explain a digital strategy in your own words? 

I think the simplest way to explain a digital strategy to a business that currently has no online presence, is that it is the moving of your current business onto the web. At the moment I would assume your business advertises in certain ways, be it print, word of mouth and so on. This is moving the same techniques of advertising and surprisingly, if executed correctly, you can achieve these forms of marketing at a larger scale and at a more affordable price.

What would you say to a company who can’t find time/money to incorporate a digital strategy?

It really depends on the business, however any business, which has a reliance on finding new customers everyday, should really be focusing their attention on making sure that they have an appropriate digital strategy in place. When I meet a business that asks us why they should worry about a digital strategy, my response is simple: Is word of mouth advertising relevant to your business?

If it is, then it is vital to have a digital strategy, as Facebook, Twitter, Apps and a Website are simply a way of moving that word of mouth strategy online and at a much larger scale and in today’s society it is an area in which attention should be placed by any company regardless of their size.

Why did you set up Pump Station Studios?

We set up the company mainly as we had an interest in app and games development, which led to the signing of our first client which was an innovation voucher project (Enterprise Ireland grant). This was an educational app called Happy Snappy, which is now available on iOS and Android. Since that first project it affirmed our love to make great products both for ourselves and for client projects that we see to have potential.

How can Pump Station Studios help a business grow?

We cover a wide range of digital services which help a company build it’s online presence, everything from apps to setting up a companies social pages and analytics is covered. On top of this we also offer SEO services either for a website if we set it up, or for the companies existing website to allow them to organically grow their reach online. We also provide advice on how a company should leverage word of mouth at scale, using their Facebook and Twitter pages to grow business and achieve new leads.

What success has PSS enjoyed since its set up?

We turned one year old on March 23rd of this year, and it has been an absolutely fantastic year, we have worked on multiple client projects that have been successful and we are currently working on two fantastic client products, Gotcha Ninja’s and TripClocker. On top of this we have been working on in-house projects, a game called Zombert that was exhibited at State of Play last year and also developing a new innovative photo-sharing app (in partnership with Ovlov Studios), the app made it to the Imagine Cup Irish Finals this year. We have also won an award for a game built in a day at GameCraft II and joined two other companies in running a Charity GameCraft in November, raising €1500 for the ISPCA.

For more information on Pump Station Studios visit http://pumpstationstudios.com/ or find them on Facebook .

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