WWE Brings Down Dublin With Action Packed Night

The WWE Wrestlemania revenge tour rolled into Dublin on Friday night, with some of Raw’s star performers putting on a great show in front of a packed out 02.

The opening bout saw R-Truth battle 3MB leader Heath Slater. Truth received a good pop from the Dublin crowd and had the firm backing of the fans who cheered him throughout. R-Truth would emerge victorious from this back and forth match when he hit Slater with his signature Lil Jimmy.  

Recently dethroned US Champion Antonio Cesaro was out next to battle fan favourite Zack Ryder. The duo put on an excellent match but it would be the Swiss native who would come out on top. Cesaro targeted his opponents arm from the off and caused significant damage to Ryder. Long Island native Ryder battled valiantly and just when it appeared he might overcome his opponent, Cesaro dropped him with his patented Neutralizer to seal the win.

The first title defence of the night took place in the match that followed when Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn took on Tamina Snuka. Raw general manager Vickie Guerrero emerged from the back prior to the bout and removed announcer Justin Roberts from the squared circle. Guerrero spoke briefly much to the annoyance and chorus of boos emerging from the stands before announcing the competitors. Fan favourite Kaitlyn would emerge victorious from a solid fight, sealing the win a devastating spear to earn the three count. After the match Kaitlyn chased Guerrero up the ramp and dragged her back to the ring where Snuka made the save but Kaitlyn would have the last laugh as she delivered a baseball slide to both Snuka and Guerrero on the outside.

Fans had earlier been informed that the WWE Tag Team Titles would be defended on the night as Team Hell No would square off against recently crowned World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. This bout was up next but before things could kick off Roberts announced the results of an interactive fan poll which would decide whether AJ Lee would remain in the corner of the Showoff and his enforcer. Fans overwhelmingly voted for AJ to stay and the action got underway.

The challengers plan was visible to all from the start as they sought to isolate Daniel Bryan from his partner Kane. The duo worked over Bryan but the Washington native would eventually get to tag in the big red monster much to the annoyance of Ziggler and Langston who wanted nothing to do with Kane.

Kane worked over the duo and scored a near fall following a side walk slam. Bryan tagged back in and was faced with the barbaric task of battling the behemoth Langston, queue AJ Lee’s involvement as she stood up on the apron and slapped Bryan across the face.

The bout, which was easily one of the best on the night drew to a close when Ziggler inadvertently super kicked Langston out of the ring and turned into a chokeslam from Kane. Following the three count the champions celebrated their successful title defence with a yes no comedy skit as is customary with their act. Fans will no doubt have rathered seen the Showoff competing in singles competition.

The action resumed after a short interval with a mixed tag match pitting Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyl’s against The Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins. The match was full of comedy as the impressive Funkadactyl’s showed they are not to be messed with, getting in the face of Rhodes and Sandow in the process.

The Bella’s offered little influence in this short match which Rhodes was firmly on top of having delivered a disaster kick. Brodus Clay stormed back though , using his size to his advantage and overpowering the duo before tagging in Tensai.

Naomi delivered a hurricanrana to Rhodea before Tensai delivered a devastating senton splash to seal the win for his team. Queue some dancing.

WWE had a surprise in store for fans as William Regal emerged next to face Michael McGillicutty. The British native was well received by the Dublin crowd, joking that a lot had changed since his previous visits. The duo worked a very technical match with Regal scoring a deserved victory following a jaw jerking knee trembler.

The next match was the one everyone was waiting for as John Cena battled Ryback for the WWE Title in a tables match. The two competitors received the biggest pop of the night with fans firmly divided on who they wanted to win, with chants of feed me more and lets go Cena raising the decibel level.

A brutal bout twisted back and forth asboth men sought to earn an early victory. Cena worked over Ryback but failed to put the powerhouse away before Ryback fought back and sent Cena flying into the steel steps on the outside. Ryback twice tried to throw steel steps into Cena which would effectively force the Cenation leader through a table but the Champ escaped both attempts.

As the action ensued Cena seemed destined for success when he followed up a back drop with a five knuckle shuffle. However his attempt at hitting the attitude adjustment was countered by Ryback who delivered a meathook clothesline to swing things back in his favour. A tense finish followed as Ryback sought to shellshock his opponent through the table but following his customary march Cena reversed, whipping his opponent against the ropes and delivering the AA through the table to retain his title.                 


R-Truth defeated Heath Slater

Antonio Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder

Kaitlyn defeated Tamina Snuka

Team Hell No defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston

Tons Of Funk & The Funkadactyls defeated Rhodes Scholars & Bella Twins

William Regal defeated Michael McGillicutty

John Cena defeated Ryback

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