France Legalises Same Sex Marriage

Merely a few days ago, New Zealand became the thirteenth country to legalise same sex marriage, and now France has become the fourteenth, and the ninth in Europe.

Deputies voted in favour of the bill back in February, by 329 to 229. They gathered again this afternoon, and politicians passed the bill by 331 votes to 225. French President Francois Hollande welcomed the news, and Justice Minister Christine Taubira said, “Many French people will be proud this job is done”.

The news comes after months of lobbies and protests, from both sides of the debate. France had a remarkably large movement against the legalisation of same sex marriage, and there have been numerous marches in recent months, as well as various outbreaks of violence. The scenes of those in favour of the move were jubilant, and some have even named today “The Day of Love”.

Frigide Barjot is a prominent leader of the anti movement; she has announced that they will continue to protest against this news. Major opponent parties – including the Roman Catholic Church and other religious organisations – have vowed to file a legal challenge within the Constitutional Council.

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