Turning Point…

Habit is a two-edged sword. It can provide us with a work week of stability and income, a sense of comfort and security that we all need to be happy. Habit can also strengthen excuses for a lifestyle routine that deep down we neither desired nor wish to continue…

It was somewhere around the fourth pint on another Sunday night when I realised I didn’t like the way things had become. I saw ahead to a tomorrow morning of a near-empty wallet, strangling hangover and fast food wrappers. We all have points when we twig to the idea that our lifestyle had become a habit rather than a desired existence, this was mine.

I had enjoyed for many years training 3-5 times a week, playing football on a Sunday, a time when my biggest health concern was the fear of an injury that may upset that pattern. Only a few short years later I was down to training (badly) once a week, eating food that was not just unhealthy but life shortening and consuming alcohol and cigarettes at a disturbing rate. It never seems like a quick change when our lifestyle moves in this direction; it is almost silent, a little change to habits here and there.

Yet here I was; unfit, unhappy and like many people who find themselves in this position, thoroughly fed up – so what to do?

It was time for a turning point and a plan. I knew I had notions before of huge lifestyle changes but if it was to work this time I would need to enlist some help, enter Iain O’ Driscoll at Absolute Health & Fitness. Iain ran a thriving fitness business and as a friend and team-mate I believed was ideal to provide the motivation and program to help me return to fitness, his reputation was growing in his field, and I always prefer to be screamed at by someone I know!

The plan we arrived at was called ‘Project War Machine’ – A 12 week fitness program where I would blog week to week, post some pictures and results, keeping myself motivated with the knowledge that if I felt like quitting, I would have to do so in a very public manner.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging a diary of my progress (or lack of) , warts and all. What’s important to me is that for anyone reading it there is something relative to them. It would be easy to post ‘Before & After’ pictures and paint a pretty picture of what had occurred in between but that’s not real.

This is simply a story of a very unfit person trying to break habits and create new ones, where it goes? Only time will tell.

Follow the full story at http://aidanpendlebury2001.wordpress.com/

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