Senator Calls for Tax on Smartphones


Fine Gael senator Catherine Noone has called on the Irish government to implement a new tax on smartphones, one which would apparently function as an additional levy alongside VAT.

“The issue of suicide and suicide prevention is again under the spotlight in recent days, thanks in no small part to the inspirational message of Kerry teenager Donal Walsh,” she said as reported in “While government funding for suicide prevention has actually increased this year, I think we need to be looking at new ways in which to fund suicide prevention measures. Placing a small levy on the sale of smartphones could be a very simple way to generate extra revenues for this crucial area.”

Across the water, France has also been considering a similar move, making preparations to tax tablets, smartphones and other similar devices to fund the French arts. France has long supported the French film industry via taxation on television companies, and has also required a certain amount of French music to be played on radio in the country. “Considering a smartphone can cost several hundred euro, I think adding a few euro as a surcharge would not have a negative impact on phone sales, but it could have a very positive impact in terms of resources for suicide prevention,” Noone added.

Perhaps senators would do better in examining their own positions and either implement a tax on the often unbelievable and ill-conceived ideas which issue from that particular arena (which would surely result in Ireland exiting the recession in a matter of weeks) or simply do away with the Seanad once and for all, resulting in savings of around €20 million each year, which would surely be very beneficial in providing resources for suicide prevention.

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