The Glorious Pain

There is a part of my brain that awakens and remembers – push on, don’t stop, it will end. My legs have long gone to rubber and it feels like I’m dragging my drunk and rowdy lower half through a painful session it has no interest in completing. But the brain, the brain has remembered, and it has no intention in stopping now. It may be only week 2 but the cruel edge of the internal competitor has laid down the law – we are here until the end.


The first few weeks of my new fitness regime is a highly tailored mix of kettlebell, TRX & circuit classes, strength training sessions and speed and agility training in case I feel like I might be getting off lightly. It is quite intimidating to look at a week in a whole and the amount of work that it details but each session has been fine tuned for maximum effort in a timeframe that favours intensity over longevity.

Strength training has immediately pushed itself to the top of my favourite list, the huge compound lifts such as the Deadlift, Squat and Clean work a huge amount of the body and will help any man get in touch with their primal descendants. The improvement in weight being used in just two weeks has been extremely reassuring, as has the encouragement of Iain (my PT) who is pleased with my technique which has helped advancement.  The different classes have provided great motivation; the other participants have seen the benefit of the Absolute Fitness training and in a couple of months have shown me how far you can go with concentrated effort. In each and every class I’m happily embarrassed by ladies of slighter size and height showing far superior cardio and muscular endurance. It is their success that acts as my motivation to achieve my own.

The main job of Iain in the first few weeks has been to stem my over-enthusiasm. He has consistently pointed out the importance of lifting a weight that suits me rather than what my ego wants, the importance of not going too far too soon and perhaps most critically of all the power of recovery. In between session I feel restless and bored, wishing to once again push on when I know that rest is where the healing occurs and injury is only one foolish push away.

I was deeply afraid that when I got a couple of weeks into my journey that I would falter and even fall away. It has been quite the opposite. There is a school of thought that former behaviour patterns are the best indicator to future ones, I have every intention of proving that idea wrong for a while. I have instead gone for another school of thinking – constant repetition of an action gives birth to a habit, and I intend to repeat each session until they become ingrained in my lifestyle!

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