News in Brief-Family Feud “A Bit Of Craic”

fighting-kidsDublin’s new bridge, crossing the Liffey at Marlborough Street and connecting Luas lines on each side of the river, is looking for a name. A list of 85 possibilities were suggested by the general public which has been short listed by Dublin Council to 17. Word of advice to Dublin City Council: don’t ask the public to decide things like this. They will take the piss. Some suggestions in a comments thread on The Times website included: Bosco Bridge; Daniel Day Luas Bridge (nice); Da Plain People O’Ireland Bridge; Jedward Bridge; and NIB favourite, the Feckin’ Bridge.

This year’s Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival is going gay. ’The Outing’ aims to offer gay and lesbian participants a matchmaking service to rival it’s straight counterpart with drag shows and ceilìs combined. Music, dancing and matchmaking will be overseen by Panti, ’Drag High-Queen of Ireland’ (who knew we were a monarchy?), at a price of €199 per person, sharing. Obviously they’re confident about meeting Mr or Mrs Right in Clare.

The case is expected to conclude of a land ownership legal battle in Donegal, though how, NIB doesn’t know. 89 year old Nora Gildea is suing her daughter, Nora Kelly, for the ownership of two fields in Letterkenny. Nora’s son Dan is also taking action against his sister, whilst another son Chris is taking action to secure his sister’s and mother’s land. Keeping up? When questioned why she was suing her daughter Nora replied: “I don’t want to hear her f****** name”. Asked again she said: “Sure it passes the day, I’m here for the craic.” Meanwhile Chris Gildea and his brother-in-law are accused of attacking Nora Kelly’s daughter, Fiona. Though the brother-in-law said Fiona attacked Chris: “punching him and calling him an old bastard”. Sounds like an episode of Ballykissangel. Not. When asked why Chris Gildea wanted all the land he stated, he already owned 60 acres: “a wee bit more would do no harm”.

In Dun Laoghaire the Bratacha festival of flags and emblems is now on display at the National Maritime Museum and has attracted controversy. The exhibition features past and present flags, pennants and emblems, including some from Nazi Germany. These though have only received one, solitary complaint. It’s the Union, the US and the Israeli flags that have caused bother. A spokesman said: “at the end of the day [flags] are simply pieces of material stitched together.” With that kind of organiser enthusiasm how could anyone complain?!

Jedward are back on our radar. THANK GOD. They’ve been at the Playboy Mansion with Tara Reid. It’s unclear whether the twins knew they were at the infamous Heffner house, or even what it was, but one thing is certain – it sure ain’t Eurovision. Which is back this Saturday don’t forget! Unfortunately NIB is busy doing anything else but if a few could remember to vote for Germany, we want to keep Mrs Merkel happy.

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