Roads Can Only Lead Where Men Have Laid Them

we‘There is nothing new to men lifting heavy things to make them stronger. There is also nothing new to men lifting extra heavy things to make them injured. Egotism can be an awesome drive to fitness improvement, but it also can be the downfall to ruin and pain when we do not know our limits. There is a huge amount of knowledge out there about training from those who have been there and done that, either with their own training over a great period of time or training many others. In my first few weeks of training the greatest skill I have learned is to stop and listen, it has saved me time and my body.’

 Three weeks in and I am stuck in one particular area. The gym work is flying, techniques are improving and strength is slowly growing but in this one area I am stumped; how does a single man buy good nutritious food that can last through the week (without a freezer) that provides enough variety and flavour to ensure I don’t go completely off my nut, while maintaining a reasonable cost and not too much waste?

Cost efficiency I find a real challenge. Of course there is the ‘old reliables’ of dry foods like wholegrain pastas and rices,  and tinned foods like tuna and salmon, but the fresh vegetables and meats to buy in singular portions to eat throughout the week is quite hard to source on a limited budget. This is a serious issue when trying to increase bulk, where I’m eating five times a day, shopping becomes expensive and often monotonous.

The few solid things I have learned in the first few weeks include;

Oatmeal is a cheap source of carbohydrate that is an all-day slow burner. It provides a great breakfast and I like to add a banana which seems to give me that little kick in the morning.

Almonds are a reasonably cheap nut that contains a heap of potassium that helps with muscle repair. If, like me, you like to pick away all day I have found they are a great snack that taste good without resorting to crisps.

Eggs are a fantastic protein source which have mixed reputation but when you’re getting them as fresh as I am, you cannot complain. The diversity of use makes them a must in any fridge.

I continue to have a look at different ways to improve in this area, including stir frying more which I find a quick and easy way to take in vegetables while being able to prep and cook quickly. The steamer is also going full tilt but while it is the healthiest form of cooking, the cleaning required is quite annoying!!

So far this journey has been an astonishing one. My improvement in health and wellbeing has gone far beyond those simple parameters that we tested in week one. My mood has improved significantly, I’m sleeping better, my energy level in the morning has improved and my concentration has sharpened. These benefits were not initial goals but they have provided more to my health improvement then I could possibly have hoped for.

On to week four and if you spot me looking lost and confused around the meat counter in your local supermarket have sympathy, I usually end up blue from the fridges before I have made my choices!


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