The Dark Places Where Excuses Lead…

  • avoid_alcohol_and_cigarettes_image_title_hjlzy ‘It’s Sunday morning (or evening to decent society). The curtains are closed but even the small slivers of light that get through are proving painful. My stomach is turning and so is the room, I’m enclosed in cold sweats and nausea. There is one more feeling present that overides all others; damning shame. Four weeks of work put in jeopardy by inconvenience leading to procrastination, procrastination leading to frustration, frustration leading to self pity, self pity leading to here..’
  • Week 4 should have been a glorious week of hope and improvement. Another opportunity to push on my fitness goals, building on the platform I had established. On Monday I woke up and saw a text that meant I had to miss my workout and soon it would be the same for Tuesday & Wednesday. Frustration grew but I knew already there were more hours in the day I could of have squeezed a session in. Soon the week slid away with no exercise forthcoming, only a river of self-pity at having to adjust my schedule if I wished to work, and then refusing to do so with great immaturity. It led to a weekend of alcohol and cigarettes where I easily and cheaply dismissed much of the great work I had done so far. Which leads to THAT point in bed on Sunday..

    As I lay there in an awful state there were two things that dawned on me quickly; one I didn’t like what I did to make me feel this physically unwell and two I certainly did not like to feel this physically unwell. I looked back at the week and realised through a cloud of depression how much of the week and my current predicament could have been avoided by making the right small decisions from early on. With fitness and well-being I learnt that bad decisions can snowball quickly while good decisions are slow builders. I learnt that in one bad decision on Monday I had started a process that should have been easily avoided – a quick reschedule and push on with the program. The lesson of Week 4 is the most important of any so far:

    ‘The most important lesson in fitness is not the addition of exercise but the removal of excuses’

    I swore I would not look back and be in that position again and decided I would punish myself by turning my mental attitude around and pushing beyond the excuses I had put up as blockers. The Black Week will be one I will leave haunt me whenever I think of saying no. This week will have no apologies, no excuses, only progress..

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