News in Brief-Daly Kicks Up A Storm As Obama-Mania Takes Over

Clare-DalyThe O’Bamas were here this week enjoying a trip to Glendalough and a portion of chips with Bono. Hasn’t all been Guinness and skittles though. Clare Daly’s been a bit mean about the Presidential family visit and the G8. Daly asked: “Is the US President seeking hypocrite of the century award?” Er, pot, kettle Clare, before branding him “Mr War Criminal” not the most original nickname.

Barack wasn’t the only one getting it in the balls though, Enda came under attack too: “Would [an Taoiseach] deck out the Cabinet in leprechaun hats decorated with stars and stripes,” she speculated before suggesting our leader has: “showcased us a nation of pimps prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head.” NIB thinks (worryingly) Ms Daly might have a point after the Glendalough tour guide that greeted the First Lady told the papers he was trembling before meeting Michelle but was reassured by her “massive hands.” All the better for head patting.

Psychic Sally Morgan has won a libel case against the Daily Mail who accused her of scamming a Dublin audience. Seems silly the Mail didn’t settle out of court, Sally could have told them that would happen.

Is Pat Nulty the most principled man in Ireland? The Dublin West TD has hung up his red tie and severed his link to the Labour Party over accusations the party has strayed from it’s core socialist beliefs. He has opposed the Lisbon treaty, social welfare cuts, cuts to disability allowance and has long campaigned for legislation in the X case. Bugger. NIB can’t really make any jokes about that.

200 men between 21 and 30 applied to be official Rose of Tralee escorts this year and Henry Healy from Offaly was successful. He beat off the competition at an interview and selection process saying he always knew he’d wanted to be an escort, but as he turns 29 this year – the cut off age for application being 30 – he knew his time was now or never. Course he did, being an escort’s a calling. At the Moneygall Offaly Rose selection night earlier in the year Henry’s mind was made up. As were those of three other desperate, sorry hopeful men, however the papers report the other three inexplicably failed to fill in their forms. Henry would love to go to Vegas, names his favourite film as (the seminal) White Chicks and is “willing and able to fulfil any of their [Rose’s] requests.” Insert dodgy winking and thigh rubbing here, Henry sounds like a real winner.

James Reilly, our health minister in case you didn’t know, is urging everyone to get thee to a pub before closing time. In order to facilitate this he wants prices in pubs to come down and prices in shops to go up to reduce over-indulgence or abuse of alcohol. There is only one fundamental flaw NIB sees in this plan and that is the loss to local pubs in lowering prices. Could be wrong, who knows, NIB’s wasted. Hiccough.

On that note NIB is off to the pub, just doing our bit.

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