I Couldn’t Stand Back, I Will Help 42 Stone Man Lose Weight

rd1Ritchie Doyle’s life is a little different from what you would call “normal”. At 42 stone and with a BMI above 75, Ritchie is what medics would class as Super-Morbidly Obese. In reality, most individuals would be dead long before they would ever get to this stage of obesity. Ritchie now relies on carrying an oxygen tank around with him and he can no longer climb up his own stairs, meaning that he now sleeps on his living room floor.

At Ritchie’s current weight, doctors have advised that performing a gastric band procedure on him is far too risky. As a result of this, Ritchie has been told to lose weight before he will be considered. He has no help to do this and due to his size, he finds even the slightest exercises almost impossible to carry out.

In one final plea for help, Ritchie appealed to several media sources, from newspapers to radio stations. Last Tuesday, our team heard Ritchie’s story on the radio. I work as part of the weight loss team within Auralia Weight Loss Clinic. We are the number one provider of gastric balloon and gastric band programs and we carry out more procedures each week than any other clinic in Ireland.

Having suffered with my own weight issues in the past, I know how hard it can be to get motivated to get things moving. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for somebody of Ritchie’s size. There are certain times through life where you can’t simply stand back and do nothing. You know that you should at least try to help. Hearing Ritchie’s story was one of those times. Having spoken to our team, the decision was made to contact Ritchie and offer to help him to lose weight, free of charge.


Ritchie is without doubt the biggest and highest risk case we have ever taken on. As already outlined, his current weight is far too high to be considered fit for surgery. As a result of this, we intend to place Ritchie on a strict, calorie controlled diet. In addition to this, he will have full access to our entire team from surgeons to nutritionists and psychologists. Performing a gastric balloon procedure on Ritchie may be an option for us as he wouldn’t need to go under general anaesthetic for it. This is a temporary device which is placed into the stomach through the mouth. The gastric balloon curbs a person appetite whilst making them feel full having only eaten a small meal. After 6 months the device is removed. If necessary, we could replace it with another gastric balloon, provided Ritchie’s weight is steadily dropping. Over the course of 12 months, we plan to get Ritchie’s weight down to somewhere around 32 stone. At this weight, he would be more suitable for a gastric band procedure. Provided Ritchie is deemed to be fit for surgery, we then intend to carry out his gastric band procedure and continue to work with him long term, in order to get the rest of his excess weight down.

This journey is by no means easy and it will require a lot of commitment from Ritchie, however, he is being given the opportunity of a life-time, its now up to him to take advantage of this. If Ritchie sticks to our instructions, he has every possibility of regaining control of his life, losing his excess weight and dramatically increasing his life expectancy.

By David Keogh

For more information on Auralia Weight Loss Clinic please visit www.healthyweight.ie or call David on 01-6120551.

    • amynicolebreeden
    • July 26th, 2013

    WOW, that’s amazing what you’re doing. It’s people like you who, little by little, make this world a better place. I wish you guys the best of luck!

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