Ballance Ready To Take Back His Title At Summerbrawl

gbIrish News Review columnist Gary “Bingo” Ballance will defend his title for the first time at Celtic Championship Wrestling’s upcoming Summerbrawl event at The Forum in Waterford when he faces Vic Viper on Saturday August 10th.

Ballance became the first ever CCW champion when he beat Nicky M in a semi final match before disposing of Irish Dragon, The Executioner and Vic Viper in a fatal four way final at CCW Revolution back in May. However having sealed the win Ballance didn’t leave the arena with the gold after Viper stole his title, setting up a grudge match at Summerbrawl.

Speaking of his history with his opponent, Ballance said

“I have an extremely storied past with Vic Viper, spanning nearly a decade. He’s pretty much the antithesis of everything I am as a competitor and a person, and I guess that’s what has made him one of my toughest opponents. We’ve fought many times over the years, in many promotions, but this will unquestionably be our most personal match ever. He took something I worked hard for and earned, and blackened what should’ve been a career high for me- I have no respect left for the man. When we face off in Waterford, it’s gonna be a fight, pure and simple.”
But despite Viper’s theft of his newly won title, Ballance remains proud of his achievement and has revenge firmly in his sights.

“Becoming CCW’s first ever Heavyweight Champion was an amazing experience, and certainly one of the highlights of my eight years in wrestling. I couldn’t have asked for a better night- the crowd was incredible all evening, and I had two matches that I’m very proud of. Though it was slightly marred by Viper absconding with the belt, he can never take that night away from me. I am the first ever CCW Heavyweight Champion, and on August 10th, I’m coming to The Forum to get my belt and a set of fashionable snakeskin travel luggage made from the battered carcass of Vic Viper. ”

Other matches announced so far for the event include:

Kazza G V Katie Harvey

Irish tag team champions Rough Stuff V The Fabulous Sexbombs

Kenji V Bam Katraz

Insano V “The Lone Wolf” Lycan


Tickets: Adults €15 , Kids €12.50

Door: 6pm , Bell Time 6.30 pm

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