Pope Francis: “Who Am I To Judge Gay People?”

The Inauguration Mass For Pope FrancisIn a rather unexpected move, Pope Francis – head of the Catholic Church – has announced that he does not judge gay people.

The Pope has been on a week long trip to Brazil, and made the comments on his return plane journey, stating – “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge him?”

In a news conference after landing, his first since being elected pontiff , he defended gay people from discrimination, saying the Church should embrace them; “They should not be marginalized because of this … they must be integrated into society.”

However,he did hint that while being homosexual is not a sin, homosexual acts are, with further excerpts from his statement reading – “The problem is lobbying by this orientation … this is the worse problem.”

During the same conference, he spoke on the role of women in the Catholic Church, admitting that females should be allowed to gain higher positions within the Church. However, when asked if women could soon be ordained as priests he said, “The Church has spoken and says ‘no’ … that door is closed.”

There were some positive comments though, as the Pope said that the role of women should not be limited to “altar girls or the president of a charity, there must be more”.

The Pope tweeted earlier today that he was joyous to be home again, after his visit to Brazil. The trip culminated in a large mass on Copacabana beach over the weekend, attended by an estimate three million people.

  1. August 9th, 2013

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