Notorious Cyber Bullying Site Blamed For Another Death

erin-shannon-galla_1139163tA 14-year-old girl English schoolgirl killed herself after being abused by trolls on a social networking site that caused the deaths of two Irish schoolgirls last year.

Hannah Smith died on Friday in in Leicestershire after being cyber-bullied on, which was also responsible for the deaths of Leitrim native Ciara Pugsley (15) and Donegal native Erin Gallagher (13) . Erin’s death was so heartbreaking for her family that it led to her sister Shannon (15) also taking her own life.

Hannah’s father Dave has called on authorities to close down the Latvian based website after he saw some of the abuse that he believes drove his daughter to take her own life.

The site, which is popular with teenagers, allows users aged 13 or over to anonymously post comments or questions on another person’s profile.

In the weeks leading up to her death Hannah received messages criticising her appearance and telling her to kill herself.

Writing on Facebook, her father said: “On Friday morning my daughter was found hanged … (I saw) her account and someone had been telling her to die.

“I have just seen the abuse my daughter got from people on and the fact that these people can be anonymous is wrong.

“The person that created this website should be done for manslaughter. Any parents that have children please don’t let them go on this site.”

Leicestershire Police have taken Hannah’s computer and mobile phone as part of the investigation into the latest suicide tragedy to rock this side of Europe. founder Mark Terebin refused to comment on the matter when contacted by Irish News Review.

Speaking in June, Lorraine Gallagher, the mother of the two deceased sisters said Terebin has never shown any compassion or remorse for the damage has caused to teenagers around the world.

“He doesn’t care that I lost my girls or that thousands of other young teenagers have been hurt by the vile claims on his website,” she said.

“He will have to live with himself knowing that he is operating a gateway of hatred that is only causing harm and doing no good whatsoever.”

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