Make Way For “GANGS”

L-R: James Connolly, Dan Smith, Jordan Curtis, Jonathan Halpin

L-R: James Connolly, Dan Smith, Jordan Curtis, Jonathan Halpin

No, we’re not condoning organised crime, “GANGS” are a Dublin based 4 piece band made up of Jordan Curtis (Vocals and Bass), Dan Smith (Guitar), Jonathan Halpin (Drums) and James Connolly (Guitar). You won’t see them plastered all over YouTube anytime soon, nor will they be clogging up your Facebook News Feed. That isn’t to say these guys haven’t got songs to flaunt, but if you truly want to experience “GANGS”, it has to be done live.

Walking into the Academy 2 last night, the front of stage was thronged with fans. They may only be together little over a year, but already the lads have amassed quite a following,no wonder they made it to Hot Press’ “Hot For 2013”.

To describe their sound, many have held them up against “The Smiths” for influences. I’ll be honest, “The Smiths” were never my cup of tea, but “GANGS” are. With their oldest member standing at 20 years old, they play very much against type for other bands of their ilk. Nowhere to be seen are the stage gimmicks and synths. Backing tracks? What backing tracks. With “GANGS” you get a true live music experience.

Curtis hovers up to the mic stand like a trained pro, his crowd interplay far beyond his years. Smith and Connolly work fantastically off each other, the melodic blend of the two guitarists forming the core heartbeat of every track. And as for Halpin on the drums, there was times I worried for the low ceiling of the Academy with that heavy hitter behind the kit. Highlights of the gig were their latest single “Crumbs In The Bed” (one of the few available to listen to online) and their biggest track to date, the emphatic “Down Boy”.

They’re harking back to and older, better time for music. Certain levels of modernisation are not a bad thing, but every once in a while (as “The Strypes” have proven recently) old is better. There was an intricacy to the music of the seventies and eighties that has been mostly lost today, and there’s few better places to hear it than at a “GANGS” gig.

Already, only a year on the go and barely a wisdom tooth between them, they command the stage better than many and one thing is for certain, they can certainly offer value for money. What do they need? More songs and bigger stages. Not a bad position to be in. Like every good expression, it’s horribly overused, but you certainly need to watch this space. “GANGS” are here, and they’re here to stay.

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