Tweets Of The Week


With Twitter becoming an ever growing way of life for online users it can be difficult to keep up with all the big tweets of the week when some stories simply take over the net for a couple of days such as the recent #SlaneGirl scandal. Here at Irish News Review we aim to bring you the best tweets of the week from a wide range of sectors in our new weekly segment. Here are our selections of interest from the past seven days:


@KP24 – “Morning …#ouch”

England batsman Kevin Pietersen tells the world of his hangover following England’s ashes success over Australia.

@desbishop – “Even I will cry for Mayo if they don’t take the Sam west this year.”

Comedian Des Bishop pledges his support to Mayo for Sam 2013.

Current affairs

@KenRoth – “Witness told @HRW of chemical nerve agents delivered by missiles launched from government-controlled parts of Damascus”.

Executive Director of Human Rights Watch tweets about the chemical attacks in Syria.

@mears111 – “Thousands of children die in Syria-Cam goes on holiday. Bullet shot in the general direction of UN weapon inspector-Cam returns from holiday”.

An angry tweeter sums up his feelings on the UN Ambassador’s recent holiday.


@paddypower – “Miley Cyrus must have broken her dad’s Achey Breaky Heart after that performance in the VMAs last night…but what will she do next??” .

The Irish bookmaker is one of many to have his say on Miley Cyrus’s bizarre VMA performance.

@brother_tweets – “Ron Atkinson in race row in Celebrity Big Brother house” .

Big brother fan page reports on disgraced footballer manager Ron Atkinson’s latest racial slur.

Irish politics

@lukemind“@thejournal_ie – “greed is not a mistake it’s a disease.”

Controversial politician Luke “Ming” Flanagan replies to the Journals article entitled “Is it time to stop the Bertie bashing?” .

Gaming /Technology

@ForbesTech – “GameStop is predicting the largest console launch ever between PS4 and Xbox One” .

One of technologies biggest twitter pages excites gamers ahead of another Sony and Microsoft battle.

@MatthewPhillips – “Even including dividends, $MSFT hasn’t done great. Total return is -19% under Ballmer” .

Financial and economic reporter Matthew Phillips tweets about the going on at Microsoft this past week.

Article written by Kieran Burke.

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