News in Brief-Dublin Man Shoots Himself As Cancer Patient Gets Trapped In Bus Luggage Compartment


Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte has insisted there aren’t still ’cavemen’ in the country that don’t watch TV. Rather he reckons we’re all glued to Celeb Big Brother and RTE’s latest flop, The Hit. The only problem seems a lot of us aren’t fussed on paying our licence fee, in fact we may even go so far as to say we don’t own telly’s. Enda Kenny certainly doesn’t need one anyway with his none row seats at Tyrone vs Mayo.

You may remember a couple of NIBS ago we touched on the subject of metal detectors and their apparent heinous criminality. Well this week they’re back in the news after an unwitting man up North found the biggest arms haul in almost two decades. A local councillor described the find as “amateurish” with the weapons buried in only a shallow hole.

As amateurish as the bungling Dublin hit man who managed to shoot himself before his intended target. Less mistaken identity more complete idiocy, in his rush to remove the firearm from his track suit bottom trousers, the gunman shot himself in the thigh. Some how NIB doesn’t think he’ll be rising through the gangland ranks. Instead, he faces a long jail sentence after eventually collapsing on someone’s driveway from his self-inflicted injury.

Other faux pas this week have included a hospital patient travelling fifteen miles in a bus luggage compartment after becoming stuck, and unnoticed by the driver, shut in. The women who was travelling home from Galway hospital after undergoing cancer treatment, climbed into the hold to retrieve her buried bag, only for the driver to mistakenly close the doors and take her to the next stop. Remarkably the woman was OK if a little uncomfortable. This is only the kind of thing to happen in Ireland.

Returning briefly to Celebrity Big Brother, apparently a Dublin Wives “star” , the Daily Star’s words, not NIBS, has been booted from the house. Has that snippet of Showbiz news changed anyone’s life? Doubtful.

On that note NIB is off to Electric Picnic to enjoy Tayto by torch-light. That is the point isn’t it? We haven’t got this wrong?

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