News In Brief – Americans Flee Clare As Che Mural Is Ripped Down


Now we’ve all had a post Electric Picnic wash and a cup of tea, let’s see what’s been happening this week . . .

Apparently long serving councillors are to receive “parachute payments” as town councils are abolished next year. Phil Hogan, is behind binning town councils so has set up a gratuity fund for those getting the boot. When asked what they wanted as a leaving gift from their, ahem, important work, their survey said parachutes evidently. Nice big yokes, in pretty colours.

Leaders in the world of cloud computing, such as Yahoo!, Skype and PayPal will be parachuting in to attend a top-secret conference at a top-secret location in Ireland. NIB will let you into a top-secret, it’s in Waterford. The ’NodeConf’ will focus primarily on new technology like node.js, invented by an American scientist in 2009, which is apparently “revolutionising the way connected networked applications are built”. NIB has put this through the jargon buster machine (invented just now) and apparently it means something about computers! A speaker from Mail Online aka, the Daily Mail’s website, will also be present to discuss how the Mail has become the leader in web viewed news content, sorry, crap content. We should all hang our heads in the sidebar of shame.

In County Clare a mural of Ireland’s own Che Guevara, commemorating his visit to Clare in the sixties when his plane was grounded at Shannon Airport, has been removed after it upset some American tourists. Apparently after seeing it they left town. Quickly! Everyone, get your brushes out! Who knew it was so easy to get rid of them? Despite the town holding the regular Che do Bheatha festival to celebrate Irish-Cuban relations Guevara’s gone and the council has declared it’s not to be re-painted. Don’t worry lads, they’ll be off parachuting soon, then viva Kilkee!

Some art that hasn’t been upsetting the Americans is that of the state, in the hands of busted bank Anglo, which is being steadily sold off to pay our (THEIR) debts. That doesn’t make sense you say? Why would they sell our culture, our heritage and our most prized possessions when they could cut down on the old caviar at conferences? Think of it like your bank manager coming round and auctioning off your IKEA Billy bookcase to pay for his weekly shop in Marks & Spencer.

Anyway that’s enough for this week, put down your parachutes, take up your paintbrushes and don’t let the bastards take your bookcase!

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    • Chris Mills
    • September 8th, 2013

    Well, they can have the bookcase as long as they leave me the books!

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