Trust In The Green


A music event called Trust in the Green is being arranged for the 29th September to take place in St Stephen’s Green bandstand in Dublin. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness on the issue of Suicide and the supports that are available and funds for Pieta House (a support service for people at risk of suicide and/or engaging in self harm).

The event is called Trust because there are many things we need to remember to trust in when we are down. Trusting that people care and that there is support available is a big one. There is a long list of things to trust in which can be found on the event website

The line up is getting bigger and better every day and includes MC Soom T, Pia Dunne & the Elusians, MADU, Cian Finn, Ras Tinny, All Tribes and Revelation Soundsystem. … a wonderful group of artists who have volunteered their time because they believe in this important cause.

The following people also volunteered their time because they believe in the cause and want to support it: Security company P & B Security Service Ltd ( who will be providing security at the event, Jake Mac Manus of Cusp Media ( built the website where people can look at videos of the artists who will be performing on the day as well as find more information about the day, Sean Healy (Artist) helped to design and make the poster for this event.

After losing 2 friends to suicide this April, I feel compelled to take action on this issue which seems to be gripping Ireland at the moment. After my friends took their own lives, I was in the depths of despair – to the point that I was experiencing panic attacks. I found that taking progressive steps towards doing something positive every day helped me out of this extremely dark period in my life.

I hope anyone who has experienced this type of loss or has experienced depression or mental health issues will find some support at this event. Please feel free to donate at this link or on the website if you wish to help us in this war against suicide.

Leeanne Timony

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