Grand Theft Auto V


In an age where hype doesn’t always live up, gamers can rest assured that the five year wait for Grand Theft Auto V is no anti climax. Thousands of fans flocked to game stores all over the country last night and have been rewarded as Rockstar have delivered on their promise in this pulsating new game. How can we know for sure GTA V is the epic we were all promised? A plane hijacking story within the title will tell all as you hijack a plane, fight the crew, crash it into another plane, and have to parachute out to escape death from military fighter jets.

This new release offers a far greater intensity than any of its predecessors. While previous games provided a sometimes dull environment , GTA V ignites a world that comes alive around you, one where anything can happen. The freedom of the game lets players explore GTA V’s dark gripping story. This is an exaggerated tale of three extraordinarily messed up people. Franklin is your young gang member stereotype , looking to make a name for himself in the underworld. Michael is a retired con man who’s motivated by greed and a desire to escape his family and therapist. Finally there’s Trevor, a career criminal fueled by a troubled childhood and a serious meth addiction.

Every element of the gameplay feels completely revamped. Auto aim is less rigid as before while the cover feature finally feels like it’s actually effective, thus ridding the series of a long time flaw. Even the driving mechanics feel natural compared to GTA IV.

GTA V certainly isn’t for those who are faint of heart. There’s so much violence and gore here that the game pushes the boundaries further than any other title ever has. One such moment involves the player having to participate in a torture session , one that is unavoidable so parents are advised to urge caution and read the box before indulging your child in virtual violence.

Despite the gritty and twisted nature of some moments in the game, Grand Theft Auto V stands above all other games within the series. The scope and magnitude of the area of Los Santos is far greater than ever before and allows gamers the opportunity to explore a never ending criminal nirvana. Combine that with a compelling story , a self guided adventure and epic gameplay and you get not only one of the best games of this generation but a contender for the best of all time.

Rating : 10/10

By Mike Granschitz

  1. September 25th, 2013

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