The Goggle Box : The End Is Nigh Mr. White

Episode 14 - "Ozymandias"

Episode 14 – “Ozymandias”

What is left to say? Fans of “Breaking Bad” can rest assured that they have just witnessed the greatest hour of television history this week, make no mistake about that. That there’s two hours to go is nearly torturous, such is the fear that even this gang of bandits could sully the memory of this TV event. It should be done deal by now guys, but seriously, SPOILERS BELOW.

I called it, but I’m not one to gloat. Especially not when it came as harshly and downright tragically as it did. Gilligan and Co. tried to torment us further by opening the episode with a flashback, but eventually we got down to business. Uncle Jack raised his gun, and ASAC Hank Schrader was no more. Good Lord, the performances. Cranston especially of course, but Michael Bowen as Uncle Jack and once again Dean Norris as Hank, each entitled themselves to every award under the sun in those five minutes alone. And then there was a whole goddam episode left to be watched. Cruel.

There’s speculation running rife online that this episode is indeed the series finale the crew had in mind initially, before being allowed the extended break by AMC and therefore extra time to pad out the finale. Watching it back, you can see how this would be the case. But you can also see how no network would ever allow it. It was just intolerably bleak, but then again that really is the only way this series could end, and it is still quite likely it will get even bleaker.

Walt has now put his final plan in motion. He has confessed all, and in turn exonerated Skyler and Co. It is confirmed ( in as much as anything on this show ever is) that the arsenal he was building at the start of the season is for Uncle Jack and his cronies. Jesse is in peril, will Walt get that one last shot at redemption? Will Saul ever get his nose fixed? Will Huell ever find love? So many unanswered questions, and only two hours left. But if the next two episodes are as break neck as this one, my faith lies unwaivered.

Breaking Bad is available every Monday on Netflix


Episode 5 - "News Night With Will McAvoy"

Episode 5 – “News Night With Will McAvoy”

It is fitting that this week’s episode of “The Newsroom” should be titles “News Night With Will McAvoy” and that it should be as close to a return to last season as we have got so far. Everyone is back in place at ACN, The Trayvon Martin incident is breaking, Syria is exploding onto the news plain and of course several personal issues are unfolding all around.

Whilst I have groaned about the unnecessary nature of all the secondary stories through this season, it has only been due to the main threads suffering a dip. This week Genoa took a backseat, of sorts, and it was back to what the show does best: showing the frantic and frenzied nature of a newsroom doing its job.

This week we went back to the heart and soul of “The Newsroom”. Sloan spent the majority of her time cowering in the corner over a lewd photo leak, whilst Don provided solace cowering over a quip becoming a story. Maggie and Jim got face to face again, Jim showing his concern over Maggie’s drinking and nightlife activities since Africa. Mac and Will got arguably the most subtle but most powerful one on one of the hour though, with her checking up on his father and whether Will has contacted him after a mild heart attack all through their broadcast.

It did of course transpire that Will’s father died during the broadcast and Will continued on and the final scene, Will’s “I guess it’s just you and me now” was arguably the most touching moment since Season 1’s “I Will Try To Fix You”. Some may groan at heart warming and touching moments being referred to as good moments of the show, but it was the greatest strength of the first season that the “feels” featured so prominently yet the cheese stayed at bay.

It looks like we may be getting back on track here, although word from over the sea is that Season 3 still remains up in the air. Hopefully there’s a strong back end of the season coming up and things can level themselves out, more like this week and this show could be unstoppable.

The Newsroom is airing Fridays on Sky Atlantic

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