Thousands Of Inquiries As Officers Chase Cop Killer


Officers on both sides of the border are pursuing more than 3,600 lines of inquiry as they hunt down the killers of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe.

The 41 year old officer was shot dead in January as he escorted the collection of cash from a credit union outside Dundalk, Co Louth.

Gardai believe they know the identity of most of the cross-border gang who brutally gunned him down in one of the biggest crimes to ever shock Ireland , but they are still gathering evidence.

It is believed the primary suspect fled to America in April. A delegation of officers travelled to the States where they kept a close eye on the suspect , who is in his 20’s and was hiding out in the New York area. However his current whereabouts remain unknown.

Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan said: “This is a huge, huge investigation. We have collected over 3,200 statements and reports and gathered more than a thousand exhibits.

“We are currently working our way through all of the outstanding lines of inquiry until the process has been completed and we are focusing on a particular direction.”

Callinan added: “We want to ensure that we will be ready, if and when an opportunity presents itself, to bring these people to justice.”

Callinan praised the PSNI for its co-operation as PSNI chief constable Matt Baggott offered every available resource to bring the perpetrators to justice.

He added: “We will pursue every avenue and spare no resources. That is our commitment to the Garda Siochana and we will support them fully.”

Detective Donohoe was posthumously honoured last week at the People Of The Year Awards alongside brave Kerry teenager Donal Walsh who made a huge impact upon the lives of many before losing his battle with Cancer in May.


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