Sunderland Fan Attempts To Galvanise Players Through Open Letter


A Sunderland supporter has sent the Sunderland players an open letter explaining what they want to see for the remaining games of the season, despite the season being just five games old.

This letter comes after the news that Paolo Di Canio was sacked on Sunday evening by the Sunderland board. The open letter, which itself can be read on Twitter and below, sets out what the fans want for the season and why they still believe in the players , 14 of which have only joined the club.

Sunderland fan Graham Brack released the open letter to Twitter on Monday evening through the club fanzine , A Love Supreme ,in the hope of it spreading to the Sunderland players. Well, it did indeed spread. Many fellow Sunderland fans agreed with what Brack said in the open letter which reads :

Dear Lads

I have no idea whether the papers are right about some of you ganging up to get the boss sacked, and it makes little difference anyway. The fact remains that it’s time for you to step up to the mark and deliver some performances or spend the rest of your careers labelled as mardy whingers. (Someone please translate for the foreign lads.)

Nobody doubts you’ve got talent. You’re not as useless as you’ve looked for much of this season so far. Around 40,000 of us still have faith in you. So what do those 40,000 want?

1. Effort

That should go without saying. If you’re not going to give 100% to any club, why are you on the pitch?

2. Concentration

Hasn’t been great, has it? So watch out for each other. You’re on the pitch, and any manager isn’t. If someone is missing something, tell him. You don’t communicate enough. I don’t care if you do it in English, Italian or through the medium of interpretative dance. Talk to each other.

3. Organisation

For the sake of those of you who haven’t heard of this, it’s the idea that if you do things together, you do them better. Things like the back four moving up in line, making sure everyone is marked at a set-piece, and trying not to have two strikers within six feet of each other fall into this. The senior players should be enforcing this on the pitch, but they shouldn’t have to do it.

4. Pride

Your own achievements give you pride. Look into the stands and you’ll see a city-full of people who would give anything for one game in your shirt. Your performance makes or spoils their week. Some of you mix with the fans and understand that. Give them something to be proud of and you’ll be remembered all your life. Look at Charlie Hurley – he didn’t win much at Sunderland but a generation of people think fondly of him forty years after he retired.

As it happens, I think this squad is good enough to beat any other team in the league on its day. You’re the only ones who can get us out of this mess. Whoever the new boss is, it’s down to you to roll your sleeves up and give yourself something to be proud of.

Sunderland fans are not fair weather supporters. If we were, there’d be about nine of us left. But we are loyal, and we’ll support you if you give us any reason at all to do so.

See you at the weekend, lads.
Graham Brack

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