The Goggle Box : Walking In A Walter Wonderland

Episode 15 - "Granite State"

Episode 15 – “Granite State”

So, that happened. Breaking Bad went as far off the reservation this week as it has ever gone. The speculation that last week was the true ending, and all of this is epilogue is clearly true. In this penultimate episode, and presumably next week’s finale too, we are seeing the loose ends tying up. And as a result it all feels a little different, but stops just short of being wrong.

Walter, and indeed Saul, have utilized “the guy” (who is played by the ever wonderful Robert Forster) and their lives will never be the same again. We don’t know the exact path Saul has just gone on, but given his high profile the best Walt can get is an isolated cabin in the wilds of New Hampshire (FYI, the motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free Or Die”, which is also a BB episode title). Walt let us in a little when in his cell with Saul, his unfinished business is Uncle Jack and his crew. But the waters are still so muddied. Is it because they killed Hank? Or is it because they took his money? Or a healthy mix of both? The amount of misdirection in these final episodes is staggering.

Jesse was having as tough a time of it as always this week. God how badly I was urging him over that fence. And Todd + Co. really are becoming such hated characters. Todd especially, coldly killing Andrea in front of Jesse, all for him to cook. I’ve always been a firm believer that Jesse was the only character that deserves to come out of this in an anyway good position. At this stage though, what would be the point? There is just too much irreparable damage done to him at this stage, physically and mentally.

Skyler had a nasty run of it this week too, and so much credit must go to the writers for turning around such a maligned character so well. It was always the case that once Walter had gone “full-bad” that he would then cast a better light on her as a result, but it is at this stage hard not to feel sorry for her. Walt Jr too, what a performance from RJ Mitte as he speaks with Walter on the phone, denouncing his father and setting up that one final push.

If it seems like I’m just listing praise of actor’s performances this week as opposed to key moments from the episode, that’s because “Granite State” was predominantly about just that. It was a calm before the storm of sorts, setting up for the grand moving finale next week. Things need to get in motion very quickly next week if we are to go from Old Man of the Woods Walter to 52nd birthday Walter and finally on to a conclusion. The set pieces will come next week, for now this was more so about the actor’s getting to say their goodbyes of sorts to roles which I’m sure they have cherished.

One. More. Episode

Breaking Bad is available Mondays on Netflix and concludes its series next week.

The Newsroom is on break and we will return to reviewing it when it returns.

Also keep your eyes peeled for our review of the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” pilot episode next week!

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