Video Games – What’s The Obsession?


With the release of EA Sports’ FIFA 14 just around the corner and a week since Grand Theft Auto has been released I felt this article on video games and how easily you can become addicted to them was necessary.

Speaking from experience, and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I am, games such as Grand Theft Auto, FIFA 14, Football Manager can easily take over your life – if you let it! I could easily spend the whole day/evening playing such games and I take a look into why this happens, graphics? Can’t just be that!

Why do people become addicted to Football Manager?! The idea of being put in charge of your idols and the club you have loved since a young age captures such a wide audience. The actual age of this audience however can vary from early teens to late twenties. Having played it, it’s pure down to the graphics of the game and the way you can easily control the team as much as to your abilities. A vast engine of players being produced as you progress within the game also catches the eye. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes at Football Manager and all the work goes in to creating one of the best games to be released within a calendar year.

The obsession comes in when you start doing well. All Football Manager players will understand the phrase ‘Ah one more game.’ You are still sitting up at four or five in the morning wondering what foreign future star to sign! Football Manager is totally different to Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA, in them games you are everything, the club, the players, everything. Whereas Football Manager is totally different where you have to keep an eye on the finances, players happiness and all sorts of behind the scenes work that happens at a Football Club, which may capture a different target audience. I feel that’s where the obsession kicks in with Football Manager players.

Whereas, as mentioned above, FIFA and/or Pro Evolution Soccer fans have a different reason to be addicted to their games. The graphics are the be all and end all with these games, there is no disputing that fact. Once a gamer turns on FIFA 14 for example, he/she expects a whole different perspective to the one that they got last year as they turned on FIFA 13. The developers at EA Sports have been working non stop for the past 12 months to bring you the best FIFA game you are ever going to feast your eyes on.  First thing people are looking for – better graphics. For those that are reading this and are unaware of how FIFA works, you play as your childhood dream team. You can pick to play as a vast range of teams from Shamrock Rovers to Manchester United. The game possesses various modes of the game to choose from – manager mode – where you take control of a team and manage the way they play, you sign and sell players in the hope of improving the side without getting the sack from the chairman!. There is also Be A Pro which allows you to control one player within a team and guide that player from the reserves of his club to international status. There is also an online feature to this game which brings gaming to a whole new level. So, you can see why one may become addicted. The addiction kicks in when you are beating a fellow gamer in a online football match and you therefore have the bragging rights over that one gamer.

I’ve seen people sit down for hours upon hours and play FIFA. I couldn’t do it myself as boredom would kick in but as a gamer on Football Manager I can easily see why the addiction is there. There is the feeling where you can create yourself as a professional footballer within minutes and live out your childhood dream from your couch that you cannot capture in any other simulation game. I will say one thing, these games are getting better which makes you wonder about the future generation as more and more children , students and even adults become addicted to these type of simulation games.

I always wondered how other people got on with these. I spoke to few. A table below shows the results I picked up;

Hours played:                                                                                             Best thing

7 hours per day                                                                                          Ultimate team.

25 hours (Over 3-5 days)                                                                         The realism of it all.

14 hours (Over 3 days)                                                                            The realism of it all.

5 hours per day                                                                                          Ultimate team.

2-3 hours per day                                                                                       Pro Clubs

You can see from the results that the reason behind the addiction is mainly down to the realism of the game and the amount of work the developers at the game put into the online system.

*Anyone who can’t wait for Friday’s release of FIFA can now download the iPhone app for free from the App Store*

You can see the gaming industry is one that someone thrives to be a part of. It’s a forever growing industry. It’s one that the recession didn’t hit, merely improved it. Games are moving on though. From playing ‘ping-pong’ on the old Nintendo to the latest Grand Theft Auto where you are facing real life situations, it’s moving on for the better.

Taking a look at a whole new game – Grand Theft Auto V. This game cost Rockstar millions to make yet they made a profit without even selling one copy. See, in the gaming world, you pre-order games so you can walk into the store on release day and pick up your game so millions around the world did exactly that. What did Rockstar do? Just watch as the money rolled in. They have made over a Billion dollars in the first three days alone. An amazing feat. Within this game you control three characters – Franklin – Michael and of course the infamous Trevor. You could be robbing banks one minute and playing a relaxing game of tennis the next, that’s how real this game gets. I’ve labelled it ‘one of the best games created’ purely down to it living up to it’s high expectations. I love it.

The gaming world is one you have to be a part of it to understand it. We have all heard the conversations between teenagers and maybe a little older generation speaking about their achievements in a virtual world. You have to become a part of it if you are not already. And if you are – happy gaming!

Release dates :

Grand Theft Auto V (September 17th)

Pro Evolution Soccer (September 24th)

FIFA 14 (September 27th)

Football Manager (October 31st)

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