Five Things Sheamus Could Do When He Returns To WWE


For those of you who are unaware Ireland’s premier wrestling export former WWE champion Sheamus has been out of action nearly 3 months with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. I honestly have hardly noticed his hiatus as it seamlessly coincided with the return of Rob Van Dam who has asserted himself in the spot once held by Sheamus. This actually leaves WWE with a lot of freedom when re-introducing Sheamus into WWE TV in a few months time as he can be slotted in where ever they want him. With that in mind here are five spots Sheamus could occupy when he returns.

  1. Top babyface (Good guy): Although Sheamus is very well liked by WWE’s younger fans and he certainly has charisma about him, many older fans grew tired of him in this position before he fell injured. There where signs it was causing him to slip down the card, with the Dublin born star even bumped to the pre-show on occasion. While he will have momentum returning with the novelty factor this won’t last long and he now has competition in Daniel Bryan and Big Show who’s support grows weekly. It may be best he looks elsewhere when he returns.
  2. Monster heel (Bad guy): The reason for Sheamus’ rapid rise to the top of the WWE was because he was a unique, talented and mostly believable monster heel. He tore through ECW and Raw in his quick ascension to the WWE title. Maybe a return to this character could be a shot of adrenaline to the career of the former Irish Whip Wrestling star. However Ryback already plays a very similar character on TV so I would be wary and make sure to differentiate them.
  3. Tag team: Even though Sheamus has been in WWE over five years now he has always been alone. He has never been a part of a faction or a tag team which is how WWE sometimes like to introduce big men (Titus O’Neil, Roman Reigns, Batista). Maybe teaming Sheamus up in either a heel or babyface tag team will add some spice into his portfolio, just look at what it did for Daniel Bryan and Kane. As for his partner well you could go with maybe Wade Barrett, Kofi Kingston or my personal choice which would be to use Sheamus to introduce Adrian Neville, the high flying Brit from NXT as his tag team partner. I always like the big man/little man dynamic and Neville, another former IWW alum once known as PAC, is simply amazing. However unlikely, this is the way I’d like them to go. Sheamus’ former IWW nemesis Drew McIntyre would also make for an excellent partner, with the latter now likely to break away from his career damaging role as a rock star with 3MB.
  4. Go corporate: Sheamus has always been a wild man of sorts in the WWE so it would speak volumes if Triple H’s administration could convince the Dubliner to don a suit and join them. It would ensure the Irish man top coverage and seeing the gel leave Sheamus’ hair and to hear him placate to the ego of real life close friend Triple H could make for a hostile reaction. Maybe that is what’s best for business!
  5. Surprise us: All of the above, although some more likely than others, are within the realm of reasonable probability. Well why not make a huge swerve and do something out of the blue? Maybe repackage him as a luchador enforcer for Los Matadores? Maybe have him kiss AJ Lee and start a romance with her, they have never played that card before right? Or maybe bring him out with Finlay, Hornswoggle and Prince Devitt becoming an all Irish (character-wise at least) stable? The point I’m trying to get across is that the possibilities are endless . . . however him feuding with Alberto Del Rio is a lot more likely than the Los Matadores idea.

Whatever happens, the Celtic Warrior will no doubt raise a few eyebrows upon his return to the squared circle.

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