Them Old Recession Blues – Ireland’s Pulsing Music Scene


It’s a sad statistic, but the recession has produced some great music out of this country. The heady days of U2, Something Happens, The Hothouse Flowers and even the great Christy Moore can all be traced back to one constant – the country was on its knees, being an unemployed musician was acceptable and nearly expected, and above all else the people needed a lift.

We are of course right back in the thick of those dark days of the eighties, even worse some would argue. But thankfully our troubadours and balladeers have come out of the woodwork once more, and we’re now truly spoiled for choice in Irish music.


Steve, Mark, Vinny and Jason, also known as Kodaline, are a Dublin based band on the go since 2007. Having found moderate success in their early years in various up and coming areas of the scene, they exploded this summer with their hit single “High Hopes” and it’s been a roller coaster ride for them since taking in Electric Picnic and a show coming up March next year. The future looks bright for these lads and they’re bringing a boost we could all do with.

Tickets on sale for Kodaline here for €30


They might collectively be the same age as a single Rolling Stone, but Dublin band GANGS are punching well above their age when it comes to their music. Echoing the styles of The Specials and The Smiths, GANGS epitomize the ethos that people are bored right now and the cure for that boredom is a packed night’s entertainment from a hard working band. Having played around Dublin extensively over the last year, including a support slot for the Palma Violets, the lads are now embarking on their own path, starting this Friday with an extravaganza in The Grand Social, with a national tour in 2014 to follow.

Tickets on sale for GANGS @ The Grand Social from here for €10

The Strypes

Hailing from Cavan, The Strypes have done it all in so little time. Still barely eligible to have a pint legally, the mini-rockers have taken 60s and 70s rock and soul and pushed it into the modern scene. Having slowly elevated in status within Ireland, they have since drawn plaudits from such famous faces as Elton John and more. Like a pocket sized Beatles as they grace the stage, their biggest news yet has come with them joining Brit-rockers Arctic Monkeys on tour next year. There’s certainly a big future ahead for these lads, as of course there is to all the rest of this list.

Make no mistake, the future of Irish music has landed in bands like these and more, and it’s looking bloody good.

arctic-monkeys-poster-1 GANGSOctober18thTwo 1231372_564848416895508_168413189_n

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