International Rules – Ireland Establish Comfortable Lead Ahead Of Second Test With The Aussies

Ireland recorded an easy victory in the opening fixture

Ireland recorded an easy victory in the opening fixture


Ireland 57 – 35 Australia

Ireland started this game exceptionally well and made great use of the mark to kick off a strong lead by getting plenty of three pointers in this game,equivalent to scoring a point in Gaelic terms. Ireland depended heavily on their free taking from the marks they received once catching the ball and scored a lot of these to give them a strong lead of 17 points to 4 in the first quarter. it looked like they were going to embarrass the Australians on the scoreline at one stage as their lead increased to 28 points to 9 at one stage.

The Aussie’s really got back into this game in the third quarter however and really made a game of it, although their good effort didn’t last long when Zack Tuohy was bearing down on goal and finished his shot to the Australian net. This didn’t halt the Australians as they soon responded with a well worked goal  which was finished off by Jack Neade to give life and a respectable sheen to the scoreboard. Ireland were lucky again when Australia had a similar and an open goal in front of them, but their shot came of the crossbar. Ireland rallied late in the game and a second goal by Kevin McLoughlin secured a comfortable victory for the Irish. Ireland bring their 22 point victory into next weekend second test in Croke Park.

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