Dano Opens Up After Love/Hate Exit


Actor Jason Barry has spoken out after his character Dano Loughman made a dramatic exit from Love/Hate on Sunday night.

Los Angeles based Barry joined the hit show in season three and played the Continuity-IRA member , who sought to avenge the murder of his father Git (Jimmy Smallhorne), who was beaten to death by Nidge’s (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) gang after he raped Tommy’s  (Killian Scott) girlfriend Siobhan (Charlie Murphy).

Viewers saw Dano journeying through the woods with two of his cronies, believing he was on the way to attack Nidge, who was in a nearby shed with IRA leader Tony. However in a cruel twist of fate, his republican cohorts turned their gun on him , kneecapping him and leaving him to bleed to death.

How did it feel when you read the script describing Dano’s death?

Jason Barry: I knew last year [after season three] from talking with Stuart Carolan [Love/Hate creator] that Dano’s days were numbered in season four. Firstly, I was happy that he was brought back but nervous about how he would exit. Dano and Nidge can’t exist in the same world so I figured Stuart would kill him off rather than just have him drive off into the sunset. Stuart really has given Dano the exit he deserves. It’s brutal and sad all rolled into one.

Dano believes in everything he stands for so to go out trying to stand up against the tree after being kneecapped is very important. You may not like the character but he is true to himself to the bitter end. He feels like a boxer who has never been knocked down and wants to keep that pride to the bitter end. It’s an incredibly powerful scene and I am very grateful to Stuart that he let Dano go out that way.

How did you prepare for the scene?

Dano believes that he is about to finally get Nidge, but in a few quick beats you have to portray the high of thinking he is finally avenging his father to the realisation that he is being stabbed in the back. All that happens in a few seconds so you have to rely on instinct as an actor. After being shot and crawling along the ground and then standing by the tree is different: you just let the physicality of the scene take over which in turn leads into the emotional side towards the end. You just have to go with it and trust in it.

What will you miss most about Love/Hate?

I will miss working with the cast and crew. [They are] A truly great bunch of people and I hope they all go on to do great things in the future. As an actor, I will miss being part of a quality show. When you look at your CV it’s split between good, bad and ok work so to be part of a good show is great and I will miss that. I will also miss filming in Dublin. Love/Hate has really excited me again about working back home so I hope the show will lead to more work in Ireland.

What was your favourite scene during your time on Love/Hate?

Favourite scene? It has to be firing away like a mad man on the AK47. Great fun!

Did you enjoy playing the character of Dano?

I did enjoy playing Dano. It’s a role I have not played before and I enjoyed going to the dark side of my soul. He was such a complex character even though he didn’t come across as the brightest tool in the box. I actually felt a bit sorry for him at the end. I mean, after all – all he wanted was to get the guys who killed his dad.

What’s up next for you as an actor?

I’m just finished a film called F2014 about the history of FIFA with Sam Neill and Tim Roth. [I’m] Back to working on my script Marathon Men, which I hope to get made in the next year or two in Ireland.

Love/Hate continues on Sunday November 3 at 9.30pm on RTÉ One.

Interview conducted with RTE.

Image courtesy of RTE.

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