Review : Football Manager 2014

Football Manager 2014

Let me start this off by saying, Football Manager 2014 is a must buy. Here’s why.

Last year’s edition, Football Manager 2013, let me a little flat. Miles Jacobson, developer of FM, brought in a load of new roles where you set player roles and dictate how they play. That made the game a little harder – but more realistic.  I like this year’s edition, the brand new look to the ‘Tactics’ board, the meetings with the Board of Management and of course – the interview before you even get the job.

I first received the game two weeks ago and was straight away addicted. They have wonderfully added in new features to the game and it’s all been  contributed to a great success.

– Applying for a job –

Starting off unemployed is more fun. When you do you are given the chance to apply for a job , much like real life managers. A club can then contact you and set up a job interview (reminder this doesn’t mean you have the job.) They ask you questions like a real interview such as what would you bring to the team, if given the job what would you do to improve the club, and more generic questions. The interview concludes with the said club saying they will be in touch.

They get in touch say a day or two later and offer you the position of head coach (only if you done the interview perfectly!) then you go about your business and hopefully lead them to success throughout the years.

– First day in the job –

The first day you get the job you have a meeting with all your staff, assistant manager and the club’s chairman. This can be an easy interview if done correctly. You tell the club where you see them going, as in, your philosophies within the club (eh whether your emphasis is on playing attacking football or promoting youth through the academy.) The club then think over your philosophies and then consider whether to accept/reject them. Nine out of ten times the club will accept them.

You are therefore judged on such philosophies and can be re-hired/sacked depending on them. For example, if you tell the club you want to play attacking football and if you play defensive, your position will considered. It’s easy – once you know what you are doing.

– Role of the assistant –

The assistant manager comes into this year’s edition a hell of a lot more. In the tactics board, you can have him select the side. You can add options to his selection, like only picking players under the age of 23, only picking players from your Under 19’s/reserve side. It’s perfect for the cup and less important league fixtures.

Your assistant can take full control of match preparation and training within your reserves, Under 19’s and even the senior side. So my recommendation would be that you pick the assistant you want to have a firm hand on your senior players and pick one that has a lot of skills (easier to get if you are a big club).

I could ramble on for days about how this game is ‘must-buy’ but I must cut it short to concur with the writing style of the article.

If I had to give a rating to Football Manager 2014, I’d give it a massive 10/10.

Hats off to Miles and the gang over at SI Games. Hats off to their media team too for given me the chance to play one of the best, if not the best, games released this year.

  1. November 10th, 2013

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