News In Brief – Irish Champion Slams Innocent Roma


Rob Heffernan, the gold medal winning walker from Cork may walk the walk, but he doesn’t tweet the tweet. A recent slip on the social networking site has taken the shine off his World Athletics Championship medal after, in reply to the case of Gardai removing two children from their Roma families on suspicion of abduction, he tweeted: “Unbelievably dirty scumbags. They should be shipped out”. Uh oh. Of course the Roma children were living with their biological parents and Heffernan apologised.

Further proof paying the property tax was a bad idea: their coming after you for next year’s cash this year. If you succumbed to political pressure and threats of fines (that NIB hasn’t heard to materialise) you’ll now pay for it again as the government wants its wages in advance. They’ve Christmas parties to pay for!

If you’re thinking about bobbing for apples at Halloween think again! You would be mad, firstly, to submerge your face in a bowl of other people’s spit but worse, parents have been warned it’s a ‘health risk’ as kids face scratched retinas and infection. Dr Kathryn McCreery an eye surgeon from Our Lady’s Hospital of Sick Children cited October as the worst time for eye injuries as kids may get hit with Halloween accessories like swords. Yes Swords, what of it? It’s what she said not NIB. Thought you were doing them a favour by giving them apples instead of sweets? You’re a monster. Shame on you.

Global. Wine. Shortage. Three words NIB hoped never to hear. Apparently these days we drink so much the wine industry is soon to run dry! Don’t blame NIB, it’s not our fault!

And that’s it for this week, lock your doors, NIB can’t protect you from all them kids looking for sweets. Give ’em an apple, go on, I dares ya.

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